NEPCON LIVE Online Exhibition


Built upon NEPCON’s 30 years of successful operating experience and the innumerable amount of electronics industry data it has accumulated over those years, “NEPCON LIVE Online Exhibition” is a leading online exhibition boasting various social business and trade functions such as real-time displays, learning, and interactions among others. The event will take place online concurrent with the NEPCON ASIA offline exhibition from August 26th to 28th. It is expected that 600 world-renowned brands in the electronics manufacturing industry will be there to show you exactly what goes on inside their factories, display their products from every angle, hold dynamic equipment demonstrations, publicly announce technological innovations, and more. You will be able to watch live-streams, make smart searches, select and compare products, ask questions in real time, video-chat or voice-chat, and more with just the click of a few buttons.

The original and smart “NEPCON LIVE Online Exhibition” will substantially improve the efficiency of visits as well as the overall exhibition experience. The exhibition will defy geographical limitations by offering customized exhibitor recommendations based on a wealth of factors. It will allow products to be live-streamed while the audience will be able to filter out certain enterprises and compare product parameters, increasing flexibility and efficiency. Each and every audience member can view all browsing records, bookmark exhibitors or products of interest, and obtain exhibitors' contact information in order to compare prices and make purchases later on. "NEPCON LIVE Online Exhibition" is bound to become the preferred platform for the current electronics manufacturing supply chain, where the upstream and downstream converge and interact as one.

Exclusive Services for Online Audiences (Overseas)

1.    Matching before the event. We will collect the purchasing intentions of overseas audiences before the exhibition, then find suitable exhibitors which accurately match those requirements.

2.    Matching meetings. A VIP matching area equipped with professional video equipment will be set up on-sight so that the online audience will be able to effortlessly communicate with exhibitors.

3.    Guided tour. A customized tour route is available for online buyers, guided by an English-speaking host (the audience's native language). (Groups consist of 20 members)

4.    Certain forums will have bilingual live broadcasts with simultaneous interpretation, allowing overseas audience members to effectively comprehend China’s latest industry trends.