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What is NEPCON Online Business Matching?

NEPCON Online Business Matching is an online business platform on which you can find details of companies and products of exhibitors at NEPCON ASIA. The platform allows you to easily identify potential business partners, set up meetings and send or receive invitations.

What are the benefits of NEPCON Online Business Matching?

Based on your own schedule, NEPCON Online business matching will find and recommend the most suitable meeting times and locations for you.

New meetings will be automatically -synchronized with your existing meetings and you will never need to worry about clashes in your diary.

It is easy to send, accept or decline invitations, as well as change or cancel meetings.

The system automatically identifies thousands of NEPCON Online business matching users as potential business partners for you.

There is no need to download any software. You can use NEPCON Online business matching by simply registering on their website.

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