5th Generation Wireless Systems Wins other than Speed[China PCB show news]

20 Jun 2019

On June 6, 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued 5G commercial licenses to China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Radio and Television, marking the official entry of China PCB show China's electronic communications industry into the 5G era. China officially entered the 5G commercial year.

So, what subversive changes will 5G bring? How to reconstruct the interpersonal relationship from the 1G to 5G era? Xiaobian for your detailed interpretation.

The subversive changes that will be brought about by human communication in the 5G era

Spread all over the world. With the 5G technology, human society will realize the ever-present and ubiquitous information dissemination like never before. This diachronic and synchronic and non-distance communication can break through the obstacles of China PCB show human communication history. Time and space constraints of communication. No matter at any time or in any space, we can carry out human communication, which releases the potential of four human exchange resources of people, things, wealth, and information, and thus may create various values ​​brought about by it.

Fully realistic communication. Before the popularization of 3G technology, the information dissemination of human society was mainly in the spread of China PCB show people and the real world. Although the concept and practice of virtual reality has already existed, it is very difficult to achieve full-reality communication.

After 5G technology, humans will realize real-reality connection and virtual reality connection. Ultra-high-definition 4K and even ultra-high-definition 8K will also be widely used. holographic immersive interactions such as virtual reality VR, augmented reality AR, and China PCB show mixed reality MR make people and The virtual world is completely docked, and in the era of intelligent Internet of Everything, the boundaries between the real world and the virtual world may be basically eliminated, thus achieving complete integration.

Full connection propagation. 5G together withChina PCB show, digital, networked, intelligent technologies, such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc., can achieve everyone connections, ownership connections, all capital connections, all information (data) connections, At the same time, all links, all processes, and all China PCB show spatio-temporal nodes can be connected.

All resources of human society can be digitized and transmitted and disseminated as data. All transmissions of China PCB show human society are networked, and each element can be connected and can achieve short-distance, efficient interaction and exchange.

All media communication. 5G brings the era of mobile Internet and Internet of Things, and the Internet of Everything brings all things to the media. The media of the China PCB show traditional meaning of human society is infinitely expanded, not only the electronic media such as traditional paper media and radio and television, but also the Internet and social media that are commonly used at present, and also includes all connected nodes of the Internet of Everything, and both people and things may become a release message. And the intermediary of China PCB show information sharing, that is, the media. Therefore, the whole media is not only a business functional carrier that disseminates information such as news and entertainment in the traditional sense, but also a converged service carrier that needs to disseminate data and provide services through connections.

Social structure and value system and rules system have been reshaped

Throughout the entire China PCB show human society, several architectural changes are particularly noteworthy: First, centralization and decentralization coexist, and the latter trend is becoming increasingly apparent. Nowadays and in the future, the tendency of China PCB show capital centralization and network monopoly is still intensifying, and this monopoly is not as obvious as it is in the real world, and it is more hidden and potential in the virtual world.

This monopoly may eventually appear as a data monopoly and a smart monopoly, which will be more deadly and more extreme. It will be even more difficult for the modern China PCB show society and the country to achieve modernization. Therefore, the differentiation in the world and in every society may be intensifying, especially in countries where the governance system and governance capacity do not match the network society and the intelligent society.

The second is the stratification and flattening, and the coexistence of networking. The hierarchy of traditional society will continue to exist in the network society and the intelligent society. The regulation and governance of social China PCB show operation needs to be realized in layers. Although this level has been greatly reduced or even disappeared, even in the network society. And the potential hierarchy in the artificial intelligence environment still exists. The division of labor between the core layer of the technology, the enabling layer and even the China PCB show application layer will always bring the core, enabling and application hierarchy to the society.

However, from a broader perspective and a deeper level, it is an indisputable fact that the social structure is increasingly flattened, networked and digitized. The fourth industrial China PCB show revolution is not a linear change, but a nonlinear, exponential expand.

Everything is connected, everything is media, and human-computer interaction brings network and data, which further brings flatness. Cloud computing needs to speed up edge computing to improve efficiency. Multi-source data and complex algorithms are replacing traditional ones. When people become networked and flattened, the powers and empowerers of each China PCB show node's power, the information transmission will be more short-term, the construction of people and groups will be more decentralized, the communication will be more direct and effective, and the political, economic and cultural society will spread. Mobilization is real-time and real-time.

The third is the coexistence of community and ethnic differentiation. 5G brings the Internet of Everything, big data and artificial intelligence bring the fourth industrial revolution, the connection of China PCB show human society is improved, the fate correlation is greatly improved, and the whole body is moved, and it is lost in an accidental manner. It may become the normal state faced by China PCB show mankind. The symbiosis of this kind of interest and the linkage of destiny will gradually increase, and the existence and consciousness of the community need to be continuously enhanced.

Everything is connected, everything is media, and human-computer interaction does not bring about the disappearance of individual differences and group differences. Instead, it provides a broader time and space for individual growth and group differentiation. The social China PCB show structure is increasingly ethnicized, and the circle of the virtual world is A representation.

Big data, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence will replace the capital connection in the industrial era to drive the deep China PCB show interconnection, high-frequency interaction, and unprecedented self-consciousness of each individual and ethnic group in human society. They will gradually grow into society by deep learning, extensive participation, and long-lasting interaction. Pressure and driving force, which is inconsistent with the China PCB show governance model centered on interest groups, regions and even nationalism in the traditional governance system, which is the increasingly prominent feature of complex society and risk society. Therefore, it is the key and foundation for the formation of new governance China PCB show concepts and governance systems that emphasize the interconnected individuals, emphasize the circle of deep interaction, and balance the ethnic groups that influence each other.

From the 1G to 5G era, the relationship between the relationship and the three-dimensional

The transformation of China PCB show network communication technology has completely subverted user habits. With the widespread use of communication tools such as mobile phones and computers, interpersonal relationships are constantly undergoing changes and restructuring. The changes in this relationship are mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

First, the relationship of China PCB show communication expands from symmetry to asymmetry. With the advent of the 2G, 3G, and 4G eras, the traditional "peer-to-peer" communication methods have gradually been broken, forming an "inter-subjective" relationship, that is, different time-space interactions are based on communication tools and computer networks, forming "people- Machine-to-people non-face-to-face relationship.

This kind of China PCB show relationship includes “one-to-one” symmetry communication or “point-to-face” or even three-dimensional symmetry communication, and an asymmetric information exchange mode that expands the traditional relationship, such as network hackers, network media, etc. . Therefore, the asymmetric network communication relationship is essentially a virtualized, digital communication and interaction of China PCB show human brain thinking that connects different network terminals.

Second, the relationship of communication changes from a mutually beneficial state to a utilitarian state. Interpersonal psychologists believe that mutual benefit is a basic principle of interpersonal communication. Interpersonal China PCB show needs are divided into different levels of emotional China PCB show orientation and utilitarian orientation. For example, family, friendship, love, that is, emotionally oriented interpersonal communication; communication for the purpose of achieving certain utilitarian purposes, that is, utilitarian orientation of interpersonal communication.

In reality, these two situations are often consciously or unconsciously intertwined. Sometimes, although it is utilitarian orientation, there will be emotional communication and feedback; sometimes it is emotionally oriented communication, but there will be mutual help and support for material China PCB show interests; sometimes for material needs, sometimes It is for the satisfaction of spiritual needs.

The two purposes of communication are intertwined, so that the interaction between people in general shows a state of balance and mutual benefit. However, this kind of interaction is mixed with too many utilitarian purposes between people. The feelings of China PCB show family, friendship and love are easily broken. In the Internet age, virtual networks make interpersonal communication appear in the form of symbols. The familiar friends or unfamiliar netizens mainly rely on China PCB show emotions or interests, which in turn shows obvious utilitarian characteristics.

Third, the relationship between the two is changed from inequality to equality. In the 1G era, the subject of communication is always subject to unequal social relations factors such as region, blood, identity, status, age, gender, etc., and the relationship between China PCB show people shows unequal subordinate relations and gender relations. With the development of communication technology, the unequal features such as identity, status, and power in real-life communication are replaced by virtual features such as “de-centering” and “de-identification” of network communication.

The network identity of each subject is continuously electronically textualized, and then participates in network interpersonal interaction with virtual identity, thereby narrowing the differences in physical, social, class, and geographic attributes of the China PCB show individual in the 1G era, making "human dependence" and The “dependency of things” is gradually being dispelled by the China PCB show interactions of the 2G, 3G, 4G and even 5G eras. As a result, the individuality of the individual is promoted, the right to speak is highlighted, and the pattern of equal interaction between people is formed.

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