6 hot spots of 5G technology

07 Jun 2019

5G is a new generation of wireless technology that will provide us with faster speed and boost the development of economy, infrastructure, work, VR, telemedicine, driverless cars and many other areas. Lately, 5G technology and peripheral companies are attending electronics manufacturing expos and introducing the future of 5G technology.

Everyone wants 5G to be used in their life and work as soon as possible, but the time to achieve widely deployment is much longer than we thought.

Let's follow the small series to check out some of the hottest topics about 5G technology discussions.

First, 5G equipment

Before the replacement to the 5G device, the initial connection needs to be made through 4G. And all 5G smart phones still need to use 4G technology. But at present, there is limited options of 5G smartphones on the market, and not until 5G smartphones go on the market large-scalely at some time in 2019, the extensive 5G network is not yet ready. Yet we can preview 5G technology in electronics manufacturing expos.

Second, will 5G replace Wi-Fi ?

The answer is no. In 2019, Wi-Fi will account for more than 50% of total IP traffic on mobile and Wi-Fi devices. Wi-Fi requires intensive deployment, and 5G technology also requires intensive deployment. Wi-Fi will continue to dominate for a long time.

Third, the time of large-scale deployment has not arrived

As two countries with greater global influence, China and the United States will not implement commercial 5G services as early as 2020, so there is no need to worry. Relevant manufacturing equipment can be seen in electronics manufacturing expos and regulatory policies are still being developed.

The US Federal Communications Commission has prepared for the deployment of 5G services in 2020, and for a number of reasons, China's 5G adoption process will be slower. Latest 5G technology and demonstration being shown up in electronics manufacturing expos in China. The UK completed its first round of spectrum auctions in April 2018, and the UK operator O2 also conducted some small-scale trials, but it will not achieve large-scale 5G coverage until 2022.

Fourth, the cost problem

Operators have spent billions of dollars building 4G networks to make a profit; the cost of 5G is expected to be much higher. As they understand high cost of 5G deployment of 5G device, they want to ensure the investment prospects of the new technology.

And consumers are expecting better coverage, more data and lower prices. But operators are not concerned about these expectations of consumers.

Fifth. Infrastructure

There is still a long way to go before the establishment of the 5G standard. Intent discussion about 5G standard happens during many electronics manufacturing expos. Related tests are in progress and 5G smartphones are also being produced.

One of the challenges faced by higher frequency signals is that they cannot transmit as far away as the lower frequency signals, so multiple input and output antennas (MIMO) are needed to boost the 5G signal.

The transition to 5G need to upgrading receiver for the new wavelength. Related tests are ongoing and experiments are performed using 16 antennas to ensure that at least some of them are capable of receiving 5G signals, some of which are being demonstrated at electronics manufacturing expos. Depending on the environment and cost issues, operators cannot always have enough antennas in all locations.

Who will benefit from 5G

The first to benefit will be the next wave of technologies, such as autonomous vehicles, smart factories, smart cities, virtual and augmented reality, edge computing, and medical Internet of Things. The indisputable fact is that 5G is very fast and will bring huge potential and business opportunities, but it will not be realized soon.
In the meantime, enjoy 4G service and visit the leading electronics manufacturing expo Nepcon ASIA to learn more about 5G technology.

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