Classification and application range of electronic glue[Electronics Manufacturing Material]

07 Jun 2019

It is well known that an adhesive refers to a substance that can bond two or more parts or materials together by adhesion and cohesion of the interface. Electronic glue is a subdivided product of adhesives, mainly used for bonding, sealing, potting, coating, structural bonding, co-coating and SMT patches of electronic and electrical components. The following is a brief introduction to the classification, application range and development prospects of electronic glue market. You can learn more about electronics manufacturing at the leading electronics manufacturing expo -NEPCON ASIA from 28th to 30th August 2019.

Electronic glue product type and scope of use

There are many types of electronic glue products, including EVA hot melt adhesive, organic silicone rubber, epoxy adhesive, UV adhesive, PUR adhesive, conductive adhesive, instant adhesive, polyurethane adhesive, anaerobic adhesive and so on. electronics manufacturing expos are best place to find and know electronic glue suppliers better.

Among those kinds of glue, silica gel, EVA hot melt adhesive and PUR adhesive have the highest output, while other electronic glue products have relatively low output. Including various insulation materials, shielding, EMI materials, anti-vibration products, heat-insulating materials, adhesive products, dust-proof materials, sponge products and other special materials, suitable for electronics, electrical appliances, toys, lighting, telecommunications, machinery And other manufacturers use.

The five most common types of electronic glue

1-SMT/SMD/SMC electronic glue

SMT/SMD/SMC electronic glue - patch red glue, low temperature curing glue SMT series patch glue is epoxy resin (rapid heat hardening) adhesive, and some have high shear dilution viscosity characteristics, so it is suitable for high speed Surface mount assembly machine (small barrel type) dispenser, especially suitable for all kinds of super high speed dispensers (such as: HDF).

You may well check electronics manufacturing expos all over the world to learn more about electronic glue. Some models have viscosity characteristics and enthalpy, which are especially suitable for stencil/copper screen printing process, and can be well formed to effectively prevent the overflow of PCB board.

The products are designed and developed into non-lead (Pb-Free) welding products that require high temperature and heat resistance according to the requirements of pollution-free products. You can seek for pollution-free glue at electronics manufacturing expos nearby. Low temperature curing adhesive is a one component, low temperature heat curing modified epoxy resin adhesive. This product is used for low temperature curing and provides optimum adhesion between materials in a very short time. The product has excellent working performance and high storage stability, and is suitable for devices such as memory cards and CCD/CMOS. It is especially suitable for heat sensitive components that require low temperature curing.

2-COB/COG/COF electronic glue

COB/COG/COF electronic glue - cofferdam filling glue, COB bonding black rubber cofferdam filling series of single-component epoxy glue, suitable for IC packaging of epoxy glass substrates, such as battery circuit protection board and other products .

The product has excellent solder resistance and moisture resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion to reduce deformation, excellent temperature cycling performance and better flowability. More electronic glue suppliers join electronics manufacturing expos such as NEPCON ASIA nowadays.

COB bonding black rubber is a one-component epoxy resin, which is the best accessory product of IC Bonding. Designed for flexible packaging of IC electronic crystals, it is suitable for all kinds of electronic products, such as calculators, PDAs, LCDs, meters, etc. It is characterized by large fluidity, easy dispensing and low glue point height. After curing, it has the characteristics of flame retardant, anti-bending, low shrinkage and low moisture absorption, which can provide effective protection for IC. The design of this encapsulant is a quality product developed through long-term temperature/humidity/energization tests and heat cycles.

3-BGA/CSP/WLP electronic glue

BGA/CSP/WLP Electronic Glue - Underfill The underfill is a one-component epoxy sealant for the CSP & BGA underfill process. There are more electronic glue supplier than ever this year turning up in the leading electronics manufacturing expo: NEPCON ASIA.

It can form a consistent and defect-free underfill layer, which can effectively reduce the impact of the overall temperature expansion characteristics mismatch between the silicon chip and the substrate or external force. The lower viscosity characteristics make it better for underfilling; the higher fluidity enhances the operability of its rework.

4-MC/CA/LE/EP packaging material

MC/CA/LE/EP encapsulating material - Conductive silver plastic Conductive silver adhesive is a one-component epoxy conductive adhesive with silver powder as medium. It has high purity, high conductivity, low modulus and long working time. These products have excellent room temperature storage stability, low curing temperature, low ionic impurity content, good electrical and mechanical properties of the cured product and resistance to thermal stability.

To find more packaging material suppliers, you can try pay visit to electronics manufacturing expos. The product has been successfully applied to conductive bonding of LED, LCD, quartz resonator, chip tantalum electrolytic capacitor, VFD, IC, etc., suitable for printing or dispensing process.

5-Special silicone electronic packaging materials

Specialty Silicone Electronic Packaging Materials - Specialty Silicone Potting / Bonding Materials Silicone adhesives are used in many assembly processes.

The weather resistance of silicones and the aging resistance to ultraviolet light and high temperature make them widely used in assembly industries such as solar energy, lighting equipment and household appliances.

NEPCON ASIA is the leading electronics manufacturing expo, please register and visit the show from 28th to 30th August in China.

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