DISPLAY CHINA 2019 June hardcore launch [electronics manufacturing expo shares]

20 Jun 2019

2019 International New Display Technology Exhibition (DISPLAY CHINA 2019) is committed to creating a new display and touch screen industry event, from the perspective of technology, products, market, development, etc., combined with the electronics manufacturing expo current folding screen, 5G and other hot spots, facing the market challenge The industry colleagues provide a comprehensive and professional trading platform to jointly solve various technical difficulties in the new era, and understand the market trends and broaden the development path through various channels that the exhibition platform can provide.

Since the introduction of the full screen concept into the mobile phone market, the interactive technology based on “big screen” has been increasingly favored by electronics manufacturing expos, especially with the support of 5G communication and AI intelligence. The 8K and folding screens are no longer far from the public life. In 2019, it will be a flexible mobile intelligent terminal and a 5G first year. Under the drive of “big screen social”, the industry's replacement and upgrade will inevitably be strengthened.

As a well-known exhibition that comprehensively displays the cutting-edge technologies and products of the industry, the annual International New Display Technology Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as DISPLAY CHINA) will undoubtedly provide a good opportunity for the global “display people” to take the pulse industry dynamics and share information business opportunities. DISPLAY CHINA 2019, which will open at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from June 26th to 28th, will showcase the electronics manufacturing expo industry's cutting-edge black technology in one stop, creating a folding screen, 5G through innovative exhibition area setting and rich on-site activities.

8K and other popular industries in the field of new display and touch screen professional events. In conjunction with the exhibition, there are also “Shanghai International Touch and Display Exhibition” and “2019 MWC Shanghai”. The electronics manufacturing expo is based on the strong technical foundation and market conditions of the Chinese touch and display industry, which helps to surround the panel companies. Collaborative innovation in the industry chain to create a new communication channel for global touch and display.

The Innovation Zone is ready to go. The audience experience is unique.

As a trend indicator in the domestic display industry, DISPLAY CHINA 2019 will strengthen the attention of equipment and materials in the fields of folding screen/flexible display, car electronics, new retail, commercial display, smart home, wearable, etc. The beauty of technology. Based on the concept of upgrading the electronics manufacturing expo, DISPLAY CHINA 2019 will open up two innovative exhibition areas, namely AI and smart cockpit display area and commercial space intelligent interactive display area, to provide a unique exhibition experience for professional visitors.

AI and smart cockpit display area

As the core carrier of electronics manufacturing expo and human-computer interaction, the car display is one of the most concerned configurations for consumers. Under the background of current car electrification, intelligence and consumption upgrade, human-computer interaction with consumer experience and intelligent control has become an important development theme of the automotive industry. The value of smart cockpit as the main entrance for human-computer interaction has been highlighted. DISPLAY CHINA 2019 launched the “AI and Smart Cockpit Display Area”, which will focus on the latest achievements in smart car, car display and intelligent interaction, and provide technical support for professional audiences engaged in the in-vehicle display industry.

Commercial space intelligent interactive display area

In addition, the organizer and Ovidowwo jointly created a “commercial space intelligent interactive display area”, which covers the frontier areas such as no-new retail, self-service interaction, interactive digital signage, etc., and will nowadays focus on electronics manufacturing expo smart production, intelligent manufacturing, automation and other hotspots. The industry is one stop. At the opening of the exhibition, major display companies, Internet giants, interactive terminal companies, and public display companies will jointly present a smart feast based on the display field for the audience.

Big coffee said that the dry goods are full.

In addition to the electronics manufacturing expo featured exhibition area for the audience to linger, the high-end industry summits carefully prepared by DISPLAY CHINA 2019 can also help the audience to bring wisdom and enlightenment to the prospects of the pulse industry. Focusing on popular topics such as new display technology, in-vehicle display, smart new retail, and Micro-LED, the exhibition will invite a number of well-known industry experts and leading enterprise representatives to gather together and express their views on the basis of fully catering to the rapid development of the global display market. Discuss a new chapter in the development of the industry.

Among them, "2019 Global Display Elite Summit" will focus on core materials and equipment, panel devices and terminal applications related to new display technologies, covering topics such as TFT-LCD, AMOLED, and Micro-LED.

“2019 Smart Cockpit and Vehicle Display and Intelligent Interactive Technology Conference” is faced with electronics manufacturing expos various technical solutions and development trends in vehicle display and intelligent interaction. The industry is invited to discuss the future of display technology and innovative applications.

The "2019 Global Display Market Trends and Hot Spots Symposium" closely follows the development of the global display panel industry, and will contribute to the development of electronics manufacturing expo and new display panels and smart terminal markets under the influence of Sino-US trade wars.

In order to demonstrate the unique advantages of Micro LED in the display industry, the "2019 MicroLED Display Conference" with the theme of "cross-border, fusion, and empowerment" will invite global leaders in the field of MicroLED technology, from electronics manufacturing expo, industry, technology, materials and capital markets. From various angles, we will discuss the latest trends and market opportunities in the development of Micro LED technology.

In the new retail scene, the commercial display application style has gradually diversified, and the electronic shelf sign has ushered in a new starting point. "2019 China Smart New Retail Industry Conference" will jointly analyze the topics of new retailers' electronics manufacturing expo obvious opportunities, electronic price tag, smart store, AI smart retail new mode, smart retail ecosystem and other topics to promote new retail. Healthy development of the ecosystem.

Both China and Japan attach great importance to smart manufacturing and carry out key promotion and support in policy. Under the background of the electronics manufacturing expo and current 5G+8K technology, the 2019 Japan 5G·8K Industrial Ecology Forum was held to introduce Japanese advanced technology through lectures in various fields and promote the deeper cooperation system between China and Japan.

Indulge in a social feast.

DISPLAY CHINA 2019 not only carries the leading role in leading the industry, but also demonstrates the important role of cutting-edge technology. It will also provide electronics manufacturing expo a free communication platform for exhibitors and visitors through professional services, breaking through the traditional sales limitations and inspiring the audience to visit.

2019 DISPLAY CHINA Elite Night

The "2019 DISPLAY CHINA Elite Night" cocktail party is a high-end big party for VIP customers' business meetings and social gatherings. The reception will invite guests from panel companies such as BOE, Tianma, Visionox, and other application companies such as the whole machine factory and commercial display. The leaders of electronics manufacturing expo and the association, industry experts and representatives of Japanese and Korean materials and equipment companies will be present. The venue will also present the industry's leading awards and exchange industry trends. In addition to refined cocktails, delicious meals, and professional band live entertainment, the lucky draw is assisted to provide a relaxed, pleasant and casual communication place for colleagues in the industry.

DISPLAY CHINA Korean Week Series

The Korea Week Series event was jointly organized by the Korea Display Industry Association and DISPLAY CHINA 2019. With the strong influence of the show, the Korea Week event will strengthen the mutual trust between China and South Korea through high-end dialogues, business matching and inspections between China and South Korea. Promote the electronics manufacturing expo trade exchange between upstream material equipment companies and panel manufacturers in Korea, and dig deep into the future business opportunities of the industry.

With the blessing of 5G technology, the application of flexible large-screen is increasing, and the new display coverage is more extensive. In addition to known mobile phones, traditional home appliances, consumer electronics and other industries, smart education, office, smart home, new retail, unmanned vehicles, telemedicine and other fields are also more concerned about the development of electronics manufacturing expos and the display industry.

China has become an opportunity market for new display applications, materials and equipment in the world. The highly influential DISPLAY CHINA 2019 in the industry is bound to attract many exhibitors from home and abroad to show off from new display application terminals and panel manufacturers. Professional audiences such as materials, equipment, and foundry services showcased new display leading technology achievements.

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