Secret of Method to purchase SMT Machine and Plug-in Machine

09 Jun 2019

SMT machine has been developed for more than 20 years. There are no more than 20 kinds of domestic and foreign brands. How to choose the most cost-effective products among many brands? Best way,obviously, is to visit electronics manufacturing expos and talk with as many manufactuers as youcan. Besides there is a few concerns for every buyer.

Purchase motivation and starting point

New product oriented

Such customers choose a placement machine, which is generally centered around the process technology of the new product. The performance of the placement machine must fully meet the process requirements of the new product. Watch the demonstration at electronics manufacturing expos on site. The performance of the placement machine is mainly reflected in the accuracy of the placement, the size of the processing components, and the size of the PCB.

Oriented by capacity expansion

Due to the sudden increase in orders, the current scale has not been able to meet the production needs of orders, and the need to sharply expand the line. The purchase pays particular attention to the ratio of the placement speed of the equipment to the profitability of the investment. You may place a rush order at Electronics manufacturing expos. With the speed of updating electronic products, investors hope to complete and meet the production needs of orders in the shortest time, and the price of equipment should not be too expensive, and the investment efficiency should be effective.

Guided by equipment replacement

The customer is mainly because the equipment used in the factory has a service life of more than 15 years. The speed and accuracy cannot meet the order quantity of the existing products. Because the equipment production rate is too low <60%, the human output is low, causing serious Waste, enterprises must survive, they must be replaced. Because it is less susceptible to the pressure and time of order, customers usually have more time to carefully and comprehensively select the performance and configuration of the equipment. They may visit several electronics manufacturing expos before they place an order.

Focus on saving manpower

In 2018, as China's demographic dividends gradually disappeared, many enterprises faced a situation in which the labor costs of recruitment difficulties gradually increased. With the advent of the industry 4.0 smart factory era, the trend of machines gradually replacing artificial is unstoppable.

Most companies are looking for a smart device that can replace manual work. Intelligent manufacturing equipment is quite common at electronics manufacturing expo nowadays. The first prerequisite for selecting intelligent equipment is that the equipment replaces the artificial investment benefit calculation. Investors often need to see ROI (Return on investment) as soon as possible, and hope that the ROI investment recovery rate is as short as possible. In addition, the commonality of equipment is also an aspect that needs to be considered.

Newly established company/plant or new functional requirements

The establishment of new plants from scratch, the selection of equipment mainly from the product characteristics of the order and the entire plant 3 years of planning. Can refer to the new product-oriented approach.

In short, before buying a placement machine, we must first clarify the motivation for purchase, visit electronics manufacturing expos, and select the appropriate equipment according to the focus of the motivation.

How to buy

After clarifying the motives for purchase, we need to make a reasonable purchase. Before purchasing, we need to understand the production status of the placement machine manufacturer, including the annual import quantity, price and word-of-mouth status of the market. You’d better check it on site at their electronics manufacturing expo booth. Second, we need to understand the basic characteristics of each brand of equipment and the actual use of the market.

SMT machine market share analysis

The market share of the placement machine can refer to the number of customs SMT placement machines imported, or can be judged by the actual data used in the market.

New product features or technical specifications

Buyers need to fully understand the actual product characteristics and then export key technical parameters based on product characteristics. Watching their demonstration at electronics manufacturing expo will improve your choice.

Product features are concentrated on:

  • High component density, many small components, metric
  • There is a shield cover and a POP process is required.
  • There are many BGAs, which require high stability of equipment.

According to the characteristics of the above products, it is usually possible to output a breakdown similar to the following requirements
Customers who purchase for the replacement category can use the weighting method to output the equipment purchase parameter specification sheet.

According to the basic principle of the “Delphi method”, experts in all aspects of the enterprise are selected, and the forms of weights are selected independently, and then their respective selected weights are collated and Statistical analysis, and finally determine the various factors, the weight of each indicator.

It combines the wisdom and opinions of experts from various fields and uses the method of mathematical statistics to test and correct. You can learn more about it at electronics manufacturing expos. Selection of weight coefficient: Select experts who are representative of all aspects of the enterprise to vote on the purchase indicators of the equipment and select the final weights.

Equipment performance assessment

With the above weighting factor, the actual evaluation of each device's corresponding equipment performance [Schedule 2 SMT performance comparison table] will be carried out to select the equipment that suits you. Yet checking on site, at electronics manufacturing expos maybe, is still necessary.

Calculation method of equipment ROI

Mainly used in some stations and workshops that use more manual work. The characteristic components of the product are large in size, and there are many types of incoming materials. The traditional SMT machine cannot correspond, and manual work is required temporarily.

Many customers are looking for an automated device at electronics manufacturing expos to replace manual work for similar products. Currently, the mainstream plug-ins on the market mainly have the following major categories. Customers can customize the performance of each brand device and its own products.

Before introducing to the customer at the electronics manufacturing expo the automation equipment, it is expected to make an optimized solution for manpower reduction and have a quantitative data. It is possible to calculate a more objective investment benefit ratio by comparing the cost and speed of equipment with the input cost ratio of manpower.

Different positions considered by different customers can also be calculated according to actual conditions.

Purchase summary

For the purchase of SMT equipment, it is more important to choose the equipment that suits the product characteristics than the performance of the equipment itself, especially in the period when this iteration is updated rapidly, instead of spending a lot of money to buy some invisible performance.
And the function is not as pragmatic as putting the investment in the performance that can produce actual benefits, so that he can exert greater performance in a short period of time and produce greater benefits. Figure 1 also tells us the same brand awareness.

From the customs data of 2018, we can also see that the unit price difference is also very large. The other level also reflects the unit price of the equipment, so the body (product) is cut at the time of purchase ( Choosing equipment) is a smarter move. Please visit the leading electronics manufacturing expo to be held in Shenzhen, China.

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