Why You Need Annual Maintenance for SMT Equipment?

14 Jun 2019

The technical innovation of any piece of equipment will gradually deteriorate with the increase of the service life, and the cooperation of various parts will inevitably produce different degrees of wear and looseness. The replacement of the internal lubricating oil of the machine is not complete, the moisture and oil contained in the gas path, etc., and the dust caused by improper environmental control may cause a large amount of dust and scale, gas path, solenoid valve, vacuum generating device, etc. accumulated inside the machine. To Learn more maintenance for SMT Equipment, please visit the leading electronics manufacturing expo in China NEPCON ASIA. Grease and moisture, excessive dust on the circuit and board, if it is not timely targeted protection and maintenance, it will affect the normal operation of the machine, and may cause excessive wear of some components and even lead to serious accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance of machinery and equipment purchased at electronics manufacturing expos in accordance with scientific maintenance methods and technical specifications, so that all parts of the machine can always work well and reach full life.

Annual maintenance effect

Clean and remove the dust and scale on the surface of the machine and circuit board, so as to avoid the heat dissipation inside the machine due to dust and scale, causing the electrical parts to overheat and burn out;

Disassemble and clean the internal gas path, solenoid valve, vacuum generating device, cylinder, etc.; if the grease in the gas path can not be cleaned in time, it will block the gas path, resulting in poor gas path, resulting in high throwing; serious situation Under the corrosion of solenoid valves, vacuum generating devices, cylinders and other internal seals and components, resulting in damage to components, finally affecting the normal production of the machine;

Clean and lubricate the moving parts of the machine. Long-term operation of the machine, due to improper environmental control, there will be very dust on the moving parts (such as: screw, guide rails, sliders, drive belts, motor couplings, etc.). You can meet more suppliers at electronics manufacturing expos. If the maintenance and cleaning of the machine part is not timely and professional, the machine will run under overload for a long time, which will affect the life of the machine;

The machine has passed the warranty period and has been running for a long time. It is impossible to carry out comprehensive professional maintenance on the machine. Some parts of the machine probably purchaesd at electronics manufacturing expos have hidden dangers (such as: wear of the machine line, wear of the cable frame, looseness of the motor and screw fixing screws, etc.) Some mechanical parts do not work well, parameter settings are wrong, etc.), the machine is heavily maintained, timely inspection and discovery of hidden dangers inside the machine and solve, thus reducing the frequency of machine failures and improving production efficiency;

After the machine has been running for a long time, the relevant parts of the machine are worn, displaced, aged, etc. The most primitive parameters of the machine can no longer adapt to the current situation of the machine. The mounting accuracy of the machine has been seriously affected. Therefore, the machinea must be corrected regularly. Make the machine produce under the highest precision and improve the quality of the product;

Annual maintenance of the machine can effectively reduce the throwing rate, reduce the number of alarms, improve machine production efficiency, and improve production quality.

Annual maintenance content

Cleaning of the air conditioner: Wash the filter with a neutral detergent. When the dirt is serious, replace the parts with new ones.

Refueling of the nozzle of the nozzle changer

Calibration of the belt tension of the carrying track: Determine the tension of the belt and adjust the belt tension when it is out of range

Check and replace each axis motor memory drive battery, backup each axis data

XY roboot cable line check cracking and fixing

PAM test precision test and backup each work head bin file

HEAD spool ORING Replacement check vacuum suction

Annual maintenance spare parts and tools

Greases and Lubricants

Daphna Eponex NO.2


Mobilith SHC 100

Mdv235-ZB (Kurota Seiko)

Biral T&D


Hex wrenches, dryers, air guns, oil gun kits, cloth, screws, wrenches, brushes, tensiometers, etc.


Preventive maintenance: Maintenance of equipment during the specified period (day, week, month maintenance)

Maintenance: Refers to equipment abnormality, need to stop line maintenance, replace spare parts, etc. (unexpected sudden maintenance)


Technology Department

Responsible for submitting the maintenance schedule to the Planning Department

Responsible for the development of maintenance contents, implementation of maintenance plan, and confirmation of maintenance results, visiting electronics manufacturing expos.

Maintenance of spare parts budget request electronics manufacturing expo, development of safety stock of maintenance equipment

Daily management of the use and distribution of maintenance equipment

When the machine equipment is abnormal, when the equipment needs to be repaired and maintained, the process is responsible for timely notification of the plan coordination for temporary adjustment and maintenance.

Production department

Responsible for daily equipment surface cleaning and maintenance, equipment daily inspection work

Production arranges personnel to assist process engineers to implement weekly/monthly maintenance according to process needs or electronics manufacturing expos.

Check the operation status of the production equipment, and timely feedback to the process engineer when the equipment is abnormal

Quality department

Supervise the daily maintenance of production, check

Supervise and follow up on weekly/monthly maintenance and confirm maintenance results

Purchasing Department

According to the Ministry of Technology, the list of application preparations is responsible for the maintenance of spare parts and the purchase of consumables at electronics manufacturing expos.

Handling abnormal payments and claiming damages from manufacturers with relevant inspection reports (defects due to supplier reasons)

Supervise and coordinate supplier technical support, review electronics manufacturing expo suppliers

Ministry of Planning Stop maintenance schedule according to the maintenance plan proposed by the Ministry of Technology

When equipment abnormality requires maintenance of the equipment, arrange electronics manufacturing expo the production line work order according to the requirements, and notify the line stop process to carry out maintenance on the equipment.

Maintenance flow chart

Record saving

The record preservation reference electronics manufacturing expo WIP-XXX "SMT Production Department Document Control Management Regulations" is stipulated by the filling unit for three years.

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