AioT shines in S-FACTORY EXPO 2019, accelerating the development of smart industry[electronics manufacturing expo News]

11 Jul 2019


Under the blessing of 5G technology, AioT (Artificial Intelligence Technology and Internet of Things) will become the world's high-profile black technology in the next 20 years. Due to the integration of AioT in practical applications, the exchange of information between objects and objects, the information exchange between objects and people will become more smooth and efficient than ever before. To a certain electronics manufacturing expo extent, 5G+AioT represents the next generation of super Internet, and its smart home, car networking, driverless, smart city, smart healthcare, smart countryside and other fields have broad prospects, and the smart factory concept behind it is also applied. The increase in scenes has received more and more attention from the industry.

The "S-FACTORY EXPO Intelligent Factory and Automation Technology Exhibition", which is dedicated to demonstrating cutting-edge technology in the field of intelligent manufacturing and automation, will be exhibited at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on August 28-30. This year's "S-FACTORY EXPO" actively follows the trend of smart electronics manufacturing expo factory industry, focusing on machine vision, Internet of Things and big data, industrial software, industrial robots, system integration, intelligent warehousing and logistics, transmission and motion control, etc. . The "Smart Factory" advanced technology, which is powered by 5G and AioT technology, will be everywhere in the exhibition, providing products and solutions for the development of the industry.

Intelligent manufacturing welcomes the new ecology of the Internet

As we all know, in the era of Industry 4.0, with the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry and the intelligent level of factory automation, it is a general trend to build a smart factory. But the smart factory is not a simple electronics manufacturing expo hardware overlay and stacking, its implementation is inseparable from the support of industrial Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other factors. Among them, manufacturing big data is regarded as the original driving force and catalyst for smart factory operation. After the big data is analyzed and processed by cloud computing, the final manufacturing decision can be formed; otherwise, the smart factory will be dispersed into individual information islands. , unable to form a valid link.

The smart factory involves complex production links, and with the help of the industrial Internet, the trivial production process can be unified. With its advanced technology and equipment, the Industrial Internet can manage the production and sales processes of the factory, arrange production plans in a timely and rational electronics manufacturing expo manner, improve the controllability of the production process, and reduce manual intervention, which will undoubtedly greatly improve the efficiency of the plant operation.

Smart factories are characterized by intelligence and automation, and the role of artificial intelligence is indispensable. After the integration of artificial intelligence technology into the core fields of industrial robots, intelligent logistics, automated production lines and MES manufacturing electronics manufacturing expo execution systems, the fully automated process of intelligent manufacturing covering the whole life cycle of products can be implemented, and the intelligent manufacturing ability that reflects product reliability and success rate Really realized.

Big data, cloud computing, industrial Internet, and artificial intelligence are irreplaceable factors for smart factories. The development of each field is related to the overall situation of intelligent production. “S-FACTORY EXPO” held the 3rd China Digital Manufacturing Summit Forum to provide multi-dimensional digital transformation solutions for big data, visual inspection, intelligent electronics manufacturing expo warehousing, etc. for intelligent manufacturing pain, and will bring AI prediction and CPS information physics. Forward-looking topics such as system innovation, promote two networks, realize three integrations, and build a four-in-one ecosystem.

Another "NEPCON and Smart Factory 1.0 - The Future of Electronic Manufacturing" is to analyze the overall manufacturing plan and key supporting technology solutions of domestic smart factories through the analysis of Sino-German intelligent manufacturing trends. It is practical and expected to be nearly 30 Experts from the electronics manufacturing expo industry attended the publication of insights, which helped the domestic manufacturing industry to achieve transformation and upgrading as soon as possible. In addition, there are more attractive smart manufacturing innovation forums in the same period, which is worth looking forward to.

Strength exhibitor airborne achievements S-FACTORY beautiful scenery

As an industry exhibition with the theme of smart factories and automation technology in Asia, “S-FACTORY EXPO” is guided by market demand, assisting the supply and demand of electronics manufacturing expo enterprise audiences, and making every effort to build an efficient procurement platform for electronic manufacturing automation.

*names not listed in order

In terms of exhibitor lineup, this year's "S-FACTORY EXPO" has attracted new friends from the system integrators, Ward, Yun Taili, Zhixin, Blue Core, Zhonghai Intelligent; Pangu, Shenkete, and efficiency of industrial electronics manufacturing expo software; KUKA, Buji, Dongyouda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Zibo, Alite, Hanwha, Shangyin, Kezhuo in the robotics industry; Nikon, Baumer, Keyence, Otis, and Vision in the field of machine vision , Ao Ying, Bo Ming; Shanyang Electric, Research and Control, Mingzhi, Emo, Nanotec, Lechuang, Jiemeikang, Huisheng in the motor and motion control industry; Shangyin and Si Daquan in the transmission field , Schneiderberg, Luo Sheng, Zhengyi, Degong, Heathike, Xiangyin, Lai Meng, Dahua; and Luo Sheng, ant workshop of industrial parts and Dongfang, Gao Jieli of intelligent electronics manufacturing expo warehousing and logistics industry A large number of big coffee exhibitors such as Ishikawa and Shinyou have settled in, and revolutionary technologies and equipment have gathered here. A storm of industry issues is waiting to be set off. With the influence of the exhibition brand, more well-known brands in the automation industry are constantly joining, and it will definitely be an industry feast that you should not miss.

Create a new experience of all things and enhance the absolute business opportunities

In order to promote more electronics manufacturing expo industry people to share cutting-edge information, the trend of the industry, "S-FACTORY EXPO" will be with "NEPCON ASIA Asia Electronics Show", "CS Show 2019 Circuit Board Exhibition", "AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA Auto Electronics Show", "ELECTROTEST "China Electronic Test Exhibition" "AHTE South China South China Industrial Assembly Exhibition" and other exhibitions held at the same time, leading the development trend of electronic electronics manufacturing expo information industry.

It is worth mentioning that AHTE South China South China Industrial Assembly Exhibition will be held concurrently with “S-FACTORY EXPO” to share auto parts, electronics, home appliance manufacturing, medical, elevators, food, beverages, packaging, new energy vehicles, tobacco. Buyers with the need for automated upgrades in industries such as Japan and Japan. The multi-joint joint office will not only fully release all the benefits of the electronics manufacturing expo electronics industry, but also help more than 60,000 high-quality buyers to share more business opportunities. Buyers also have the opportunity to gather together to share industry classics, explore the hot issues of the industry, and open up multiple exhibitions and gain a unique experience.


One stop, six exhibitions, good gifts, non-stop

At present, there are more than two months from the opening of 2019 “S-FACTORY EXPO”. The pre-registration channel for the visitors has been opened. The pre-registration of free online pre-registration in advance can also enjoy the exclusive offers provided by the exhibition. Welfare, the organizers of the exhibition warmly invited the global electronics manufacturing expo "electronic people" to pay attention to the 2019 "S-FACTORY EXPO" and other exhibitions held in the same period, to gather the event, to give more imagination to the intelligent manufacturing, and to open a new era of development in the electronics manufacturing industry!

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