Amazing Trumpf Chicago Smart Factory[China PCB show News]

06 Jul 2019

Into the TRUMPF Chicago Smart Factory

The TRUMPF Group is a market and technology leader in the industrial China PCB show production of machine tools and lasers. It is a German family business with a history of nearly 100 years. The e-works German delegation also visited the TRUMPF headquarters several times.

As early as three years ago, Trumpf Group released its solution for China PCB show Industry 4.0.

In September of the following year (2017), Trumpf established a fully networked smart China PCB show factory in Chicago, USA, which is the perfect combination of TruConnect theory and practice.

Industry 4.0 pioneer

TRUMPF Chicago Smart Factory, adjacent to DMG Mori USA, north of NSK USA, Big Kaiser and FANUC USA. Opposite the south side is the Hoffman Estate, where you can see the wide Jane-Adams Memorial Highway. Nearly 40% of the sheet metal China PCB show processing plants in the United States are located in neighboring states.

It is not so much a smart factory, it looks more like a high-tech exhibition center, the environment inside and outside the factory is extremely delicate, and fully demonstrates the intelligent China PCB show collaboration of people, machines, automation devices and software through TruConnect.

In addition to weathering steel and glass, the office building structure of this networked chemical China PCB show plant also uses yellow fir.

The plant intelligently interconnects the entire “sheet process chain” – from commissioning to design and manufacturing to delivery. In the 55-meter-long production plant, interconnected sheet metal China PCB show processing systems and overhead warehouses serve as the core part of the supply of materials to the machine tools connected to them.

The smart factory has a dedicated “control room” – a control center with a large display – that displays real-time indicators and parameters in the China PCB show production process.

A narrow passageway across the production floor provides a bird's eye view. This air corridor facilitates a better understanding of material flow and information flow throughout the China PCB show production system.

The TRUMPF Chicago Smart Factory is designed for all sheet metalworking workers. The target customers are small and medium-sized processing plants, which are still in the initial China PCB show stage of digitalization and networking. Upgrade and conversion of smart factories through TruConnect.

The program is especially suitable for small-volume, personalized production, where workers can experience transparent production, real-time control of China PCB show production schedule and status, and thus better planning. Extremely flexible, more efficient and easier to manage.

What is Truconnect?

To gain a deeper understanding of the capabilities of Trumpf's smart factory in Chicago, it is necessary to understand Trump's China PCB show solution Truconnect for Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 This is synonymous with networking, digitization, and intelligence. It refers to a digital network production model that aims to improve overall China PCB show productivity, processing flexibility, production stability, and new value networks for enterprises. The TruConnect Interconnect Manufacturing Solution not only focuses on the single-link management in the production process, but also manages the entire China PCB show enterprise and industry chain as a whole.

Production companies can be generally divided into different levels from single equipment, factory floor, enterprise management, and full supply chain. In the production cycle of an order, the main factors affecting order turnover China PCB show efficiency within different levels and between different links are different.

For example, in the production and processing of the equipment layer, the processing efficiency of the equipment itself is very critical. When the China PCB show production is coordinated between different equipments, a reasonable coordination between the equipment and an efficient production cycle will have a more important impact. Combined with TRUMPF automation equipment, it is possible to achieve 24/7 uninterrupted production.

TruConnect Trumpf Interconnect Manufacturing combines software and machine and service intelligence at all levels of the China PCB show enterprise to deliver targeted, customized solutions that boost production levels.

The following is a wonderful case video of Truconnect, helping a German pipe processing company WECUBEX, from equipment interconnection, on-site management to digital China PCB show production, effectively reducing production cycle and improving delivery.

Trumpf's research and development in cutting-edge technology

The TRUMPF Group's investment in R&D has reached 9.5% of its turnover, and approximately 2,100 people have overcome the research and development of new products. Unexpectedly, the important China PCB show process equipment in the field of chips - the Dutch ASML EUV lithography machine, also has a quick pass!

Today's semiconductors have been able to achieve an integrated China PCB show density of 100 million transistors with 1 square millimeter. The size of the semiconductor structure is getting closer to the atomic level. TRUMPF has worked closely with ASML, the world's largest lithography system manufacturer, and lens manufacturer Zeiss to develop a unique CO2 laser system that processes more than 100 wafers per second.

The fast-powered high-power laser amplifier plays a key role in the manufacture of chips: it is used to generate luminescent plasmas that provide extremely ultraviolet (EUV) exposure wafers. It can be said that the components of TRUMPF drive the lithography China PCB show process to meet the large-scale production applications being prepared by many chip manufacturers around the world.

For the semiconductor industry, laser EUV lithography will be the only way to continue to create smaller structures, providing higher performance for the chip.

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