ARM and x86 battle(China PCB show news)

18 Jul 2019

Recently, the global semiconductor market has been particularly unsettled.

There were trade China PCB show frictions between China and the United States, which stirred up countless right and wrong of the semiconductor industry in the two countries. After the dispute between Japan and South Korea, it brought a shadow to the global industrial chain. It seems that all kinds of phenomena are showing the fact that in today's era, the China PCB show semiconductor industry is already a strategic resource between countries, and the words "self-controllable" are not general.

Everyone knows that the core of the enterprise network is the server, but today more than 90% of the server chip market in the world is occupied by China PCB show Intel, built on Intel's x86 architecture. If a large-scale semiconductor blockade occurs and the chip supply chain is cut off, the data center, which is the cornerstone of the social economy, will be in a very dangerous situation.

At present, the main solution to this problem is based on the ARM architecture, and self-developed server chips as a substitute. Although China PCB show ARM is also a European and American company, it provides chip patents and instruction sets. Chip manufacturers can always use a version of a buyout, do not worry about the problem of direct out of stock upstream.

The idea of ​​replacing x86 with ARM on the server chip is not something that is today. However, although ARM has dominated the mobile chip today, it has not gotten its momentum in the China PCB show server chip market. Today, this task begins to play a leading role in the Chinese chip industry.

Why is the ARM+ server chip in a "failed battle" situation? Under the premise that the global semiconductor China PCB show market is generally tightened, can ARM chips be able to rise?

This will be a question that needs to be answered step by step in the China PCB show semiconductor industry in China and the world for a long time.

What to do if ARM wants a successful battle?

In general, in order for the ARM chip to truly gain a foothold in the server market, what is needed is to maximize the China PCB show AMR advantage and learn from the failures of the previous giant players. There are several kinds of work that belong to today’s title:

1. Rely on the vertical innovation within the industrial chain to build the industrial usability of ARM.

A large part of the problem of the ARM server chip is not focused on performance and price, but on whether it can truly meet the needs of industrial applications and reach the replacement standard line. This means that the China PCB show ARM server chip should not be a single-player product, but should be an underlying application sequence that satisfies the basic applications of data, storage, and call in the China PCB show server scenario, reducing the cost of compatibility for customers.

2, play the cost is the core advantage.

On the ARM server chip, the vast majority of failure cases are considered to have not played the role of ARM chip low power, low cost, and China PCB show performance is not weaker than x86. In the core cost-effective, energy-consuming ratio field, ARM server chips still have a long way to go, and technological breakthroughs are still something that can be expected.

3. The core task is to drive the industry and establish an ARM ecosystem.

Today, when it comes to ARM server chips, everyone will mention the importance of ecology. How to deal with the unified hardware, development and infrastructure of the x86 platform, as well as the software development ecology accumulated over decades, is a real challenge for chip manufacturers and a problem that must be developed for a long time. On the one hand, chip companies create infrastructure clusters for the China PCB show development of ecological services, such as storage networks and virtualization, to reduce the development costs of enterprises; at the same time, they also need to actively promote the software development industry to enter the ARM ecosystem and build the ARM application market and other basic platforms. In addition, the China PCB show development of ARM in the new demand is also a variable, for example, to promote the artificial intelligence supply chain enterprises more ARM, to guide more application users to naturally transition to the AMR ecosystem along the AI ​​needs.

4. Supply chain safety cards are commercial boosters.

Today, ARM server chips are related to industrial security and even international economic security. This is basically a matter of no dispute. Under China PCB show circumstance, facing the existence of risks and guiding the industry to actively seek for a safe and controllable industrial path is also an important channel to promote the ARM ecosystem.

On the whole, the AMR China PCB show server chip is an important card in the global semiconductor change today. But who is going to fight this card, how to play it, to what extent, or a very complicated test.

In any case, the change has come, and it is not realistic to expect to maintain the China PCB show status quo. Embracing and manipulating change is a new text that China's semiconductor industry must learn today.

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