Automotive Industry's Industry 4.0 Revolution[electronics manufacturing expo shares]

20 Jun 2019

For industrial production plants, how to produce high quality and good experience products for customers with the lowest cost is the secret of their profit. As one of the most important inventions that have changed our lives for nearly a hundred years, the manufacture of automobiles has become a representative of human industrial production with its high degree of integration and complex processes. The invention and popularization electronics manufacturing expo of automobiles are closely related to the advancement of production technology. Let's take a look at how the industry has changed its automotive production process by reviewing the evolution of industrial technology. In addition, as the concept of Industry 4.0 is increasingly seen in newspapers, let's look at how it can contribute to car production.

What has the industrial revolution brought to the automotive industry?

Citing the statement in the "Three-body", in the past 100 years, human beings have undoubtedly experienced a process of "technical explosion": with the rapid development of machinery, electricity and computer technology, electronics manufacturing expo human civilization has accumulated for thousands of years. Production methods have been rapidly subverted, and lifestyles have changed dramatically.

Taking a major breakthrough in technology acquired or applied in industrial production as a milestone, human beings have experienced electronics manufacturing expo three industrial revolutions in manufacturing. The reason why cars can be popularized on such a scale is also in the sense that the industrial revolution has brought about changes in the automotive industry.

The production line created by Ford created a electronics manufacturing expo model for the subsequent mass production of automobiles and paved the way for the global popularity of the automotive industry. The third industrial revolution, represented by computer technology, will further accelerate our "wheel life".

What is the electronics manufacturing expo that is now changing humanity? If I say the Internet, I am afraid no one will raise an objection. And how will the Internet change the way industrial production is produced? This is also the direction that many manufacturers are trying to explore. In Germany, what so called Industry 4.0, which means the fourth industrial revolution, how do we understand Industry 4.0?

What is the Industry 4.0 revolution?

The concept of Industry 4.0 stems from the German government's high-tech strategic project, which aims to promote the computerization of manufacturing. At the 2013 Hannover Messe, the concept of Industry 4.0 was officially presented by the German government. We know that electronics manufacturing expo steam engines, electrification and computers are the representative technologies of the previous three industrial revolutions, while Industry 4.0 is a comprehensive manufacturing technology based on network physical systems, Internet of Things, cloud computing and artificial intelligence technologies. In short, Through the “Internet of Everything”, the factory production process is more transparent, efficient and intelligent.

The smart factory advocated by Industry 4.0 is composed of modular intelligent units. Through digital Internet of Things technology and virtual real factory environment, all parts of the production system value chain are linked in electronics manufacturing expo real time, so as to realize the decentralized decision of the production process by using artificial intelligence technology. . This greatly reduces man-made decision-making mistakes, reduces the labor intensity of workers, and uses the big data in the production system to make analysis decisions, thereby improving production efficiency and reducing costs. This sounds a bit cloudy. Next, let's take a look at how Industry 4.0 is used in automotive factories.

Everything is connected: all elements are online in real time

We know that production is the process of organizing different raw materials to produce new products. For automotive manufacturing, the raw materials may be the most diverse and complex in many industrial processes. For the BMW Group, more than 3.1 million parts from about 1,800 suppliers from around 4,000 production sites around the world are processed every day, and 10,000 vehicles are shipped worldwide. How to effectively organize electronics manufacturing expo these parts and minimize the cost of logistics links is crucial to improving production efficiency and reducing costs.

The solution for Industry 4.0 technology is “Connected Transportation” – connecting digital Internet technology to production logistics and transportation, making the entire transportation electronics manufacturing expo process more transparent.

The global logistics network provided by many logistics providers around the world is the foundation of the supply chain. CSC (Connected Supply Chain) technology significantly improves the transparency of logistics services. With the help of CSC technology, the electronics manufacturing expo location information of the supplier parts and the transportation time are updated in the CSC system every 15 minutes. If a link is delayed for some reason, the system can find and take measures at the first time to reduce the extra. the cost of.

Highly automated: L5-level autonomous driving in the workshop

In the production workshop, the transportation of various materials is also unmanned: with the popularization of autonomous driving technology, the transportation of various production materials in the workshop can be transported by almost all unmanned vehicles. This reduces the efficiency of labor costs and reduces the possibility of mistakes.

Paperless office: simple and efficient

If you see employees wearing AR glasses and digital gloves everywhere in the workshop, don't be surprised - they are not playing the latest AR games, but are scanning the latest parts.

In order to achieve paperless office, each electronics manufacturing expo container carrying parts will be marked with a unique QR code. The employee can identify the supplier and storage location of the parts through the scanning device on the glove, and then display it on the dedicated app. Relevant information and work that needs further work. The AR glasses "monitor" the employee's work: if the part is placed in the wrong position, a red sound and light warning will appear in the glasses.

Summary of the full text:

What will the car factory look like in the future? No one can predict this question. For automakers, only innovation and change will not be subverted; but for our consumers, what we can expect is that electronics manufacturing expo products of the future factory must be better and better quality cars.


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