China's mobile phone brand overall shipments continue to grow

25 Jun 2019

China's smartphone China PCB show market shipped 396 million units in 2018, down 9.9% year-on-year. The market is saturated, and smartphone shipments are concentrated in the stock market.

At present, the penetration rate of 4G smart phones in China has reached 83%, and the proportion of new users has been very small. The Chinese China PCB show market is still the most competitive market. Excessive competition in the market leads to quality improvement and hardware overperformance, and due to component technology. Rapid upgrades result in increased costs and selling prices, and the overall change cycle is extended.

Although Samsung, , OPPO, vivo and Xiaomi will launch their 5G smartphones in 2019, due to the high cost, the China PCB show operator network is not mature, and the overall shipments are limited. It is expected that the overall shipments in the Chinese market will continue to decline slightly in 2019.

According to IHS Markit data, and vivo shipments in the Chinese market continued to grow rapidly in 2018. 's high-end China PCB show models in 2018 performed well, driving the growth of low-end models; the mid-range models of vivo were eye-catching; Apple, Samsung, Meizu and Gionee shipments fell sharply.

The overall market share of TOP5 mobile phone manufacturers , OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi and Apple reached 88.6%. Compared with 2017, the China PCB show market structure was established. Due to the decline in sales in China, it is expected that other brands will have a chance to break through in 2019.

Samsung shipped 5.3 million units in the Chinese market in 2018, down nearly 60% year-on-year. Except for the high-end flagship models S9 series and Note9 models, the medium and low-end models accounted for a small proportion of China PCB show shipments, and there is no competitive advantage.

In 2018, China's mobile phone manufacturers' total shipments of smart phones reached 732 million units, a year-on-year increase of 1.6%. The shipment growth was mainly from overseas China PCB show markets. In 2018, the overseas market shipped 382 million, an increase of nearly 20%.

Among them, and Xiaomi's shipment growth in overseas markets in 2018 exceeded 50%. 's shipment growth was mainly from European China PCB show and Southeast Asian markets.

Xiaomi's shipment growth is concentrated in the Indian market, and Xiaomi has already cost the largest mobile phone manufacturer in India.

At present, in addition to , mobile phone manufacturers such as Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo are mainly low-end models. Xiaomi is mainly based on red rice series. OPPO established the Realme sub-brand in 2018, mainly competing in overseas China PCB show markets.

It is expected that the China PCB show overall shipments of Chinese mobile phone manufacturers will continue to grow in 2019, and shipment growth is mainly concentrated in mobile phone manufacturers such as , Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo.

The thousand yuan intelligent machine is still the largest part of China's OEM smart machine shipments. In 2018, the model shipments below 1,500 yuan accounted for 42.1%, and the overall share declined slightly. Most of the China PCB show models are designed and developed for mobile ODM manufacturers. As the number of single-project shipments increases, the overall number of projects is decreasing.

Relative to mobile phone ODM manufacturers participate in model positioning and price increase, mobile ODM manufacturers began to participate in the China PCB show mid-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 series platform product development, sales prices can be extended to 1500RMB price range.

In 2018, most of the best-selling models of the thousands of smart phones are designed and developed by mobile phone ODM companies, such as the popular red rice/red rice Note series, enjoy and play series, Lenovo Moto series and so on.

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