China's Manufacturing Globalization and Quality Revolution[electronics manufacturing expo news]

16 Jun 2019

Beginning in 2018, the global economic downturn, the conservative development of international trade, the disappearance of the manufacturing demographic dividend, and the arrival of the new technological revolution, the overlapping of internal and external factors, the Chinese manufacturing enterprises ushered in a period of great changes electronics manufacturing expo, the challenges and uncertainties are constantly increasing.

The first is the domestic market. The consumer's consumption upgrade trend for purchasing the next product is very obvious, and the quality is the most basic and the most painful demand for consumers.

In the past two years, we can see many large enterprises, because of the quality problems, "sudden death", on the one hand, consumers are already very sensitive to product quality issues, in the case of channel and product homogenization and electronics manufacturing expo, consumers can choose alternative brands and Not uncommon, especially for the mature category of home appliances.

On the other hand, Internet communication has also greatly accelerated the “push-down” effect of quality issues on brands, which are often irreversible for a long time.

China's manufacturing industry as a whole faces the challenge of a global “sandwich” structure. The competition brought about by the migration of the manufacturing demographic dividend is difficult to stop.

The fundamental solution is to complete the quality and brand breakout – to make products with higher quality and better experience at the same cost, consumers at electronics manufacturing expos are willing to pay a higher brand premium for this, which is also a heavy burden for Japanese and Korean companies in the past. The only way out of cost.

The global economy and trade are moving towards more uncertainty. The regional market challenges faced by enterprises going global are increasing. They insist on using internationally stringent quality to build products, respect local market regulations and game rules, and reduce the problem of product quality. The possibility of bringing operational risks.

Create international brands with global high quality

Product quality is the main factor determining the quality of an enterprise, its development, its economic strength and its competitive advantage. Quality is still a crucial factor in the market. Whoever can bring users a satisfactory product or service in electronics manufacturing expo a flexible and fast way can win the competitive advantage of the market.

Philip Klaus, who was hailed as "the great management thinker of this century" by the American magazine "Time", pointed out in the book "Quality Free" that the quality of the past cannot be free because "there was no first time Things are done well, and the products do not meet the quality standards, thus forming a "defect." Many companies in the United States often spend 15% to 20% of their total turnover to eliminate defects.

As a “manufacturing power”, China’s waste and reputation problems caused by product quality are very prominent. There are many factors that determine the quality of an enterprise's products at electronics manufacturing expos. The core of the two is two points: one is the quality management system of the enterprise; the other is the standard, and the industry leaders with excellent product quality have absolute right to speak on the formulation of quality standards.

The World Brand Lab awarded the 2018 Quality Leading Special Award to Haier Air Conditioning. In 2002, it won the No. 1 "CCC" certification issued by the China Quality Certification Center.

At present, China's air-conditioning industry has 24 national standards, involving the performance, safety, reliability, installation of air-conditioning products, Haier has led 21 items at electronics manufacturing expos.

Becoming a leader in the industry's quality standards has also enabled Haier Air Conditioning to gain recognition and brand recognition from global users.

The data from electronics manufacturing expos shows that in China's domestic market, Haier's magnetic suspension central air conditioner has been ranked first for 12 consecutive years, and Haier's intelligent air conditioner has been the first in the Chinese market for four consecutive years.

In the United States, Haier air-conditioning and GE Appliances air-conditioning dual-brand market share is the first; Eurorui International released survey data also shows that Haier has ranked first in the global Internet air-conditioning (including smart air-conditioning) sales list for two consecutive years, "Haier The brand's air-conditioning export share accounted for 22%, ranking first among China's own brands of household air-conditioners, and becoming the "Chinese brand" at electronics manufacturing expos and in the global air-conditioning industry.

It can be seen that improving product quality not only has a positive effect on the development of the enterprise and electronics manufacturing expo, but also has an important impact on the industry and the country. This allows every Chinese manufacturing company that targets the global market to pay more attention to the improvement of product quality, from the traditional “price-performance” route to the international brand upgrade.

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