Three kinds of electronic components identification method[China PCB show News]

16 Jul 2019

A large number of various types of electronic components are used in electronic devices, and equipment failures are mostly caused by China PCB show failure or damage of electronic components. Therefore, how to correctly detect electronic components is particularly important, which is also the skills that electronic maintenance personnel must master. The following are some of the common electronic components testing experience and skills for your reference.

01 Measuring the polarity of each leg of the rectifier bridge

The multimeter is set to R×1k block, the black pen is connected to any pin of the bridge stack, and the red test pen measures the remaining three legs. If the readings are infinite, the black China PCB show test pen is connected to the output positive pole of the bridge stack. If the reading is 4~10kΩ The pin connected to the black pen is the output negative pole of the bridge stack, and the remaining two China PCB show pins are the AC input terminals of the bridge stack.

02 Judging whether the crystal is good or bad

First use a multimeter (R × 10k block) to measure the resistance value at both ends of the crystal oscillator. If it is infinite, it means that the crystal oscillator has no short circuit or leakage; then insert the test pencil into the mains jack and pinch any pin of the China PCB show crystal with your finger. The other pin touches the metal part at the top of the test pencil. If the test pencil is red, the crystal is good. If the bubble is not bright, the crystal is damaged.

03 one-way thyristor detection

The R×1k or R×100 block of the multimeter can be used to measure the positive and negative resistances of any two poles. If the China PCB show resistance of a pair of poles is found to be low resistance (100Ω~lkΩ), then the black test pen is connected to control. The pole is connected to the cathode and the other is the anode.

There are three PN junctions in the thyristor. We can judge the quality of the PN junction by measuring the positive and negative resistance of the PN junction.

When measuring the resistance between the control China PCB show electrode (G) and the cathode (C), if the positive and negative resistances are both zero or infinite, indicating that the control electrode is short-circuited or open circuit, and the measurement between the control electrode (G) and the anode (A) For resistance, both positive and negative resistance readings should be large; when measuring the China PCB show resistance between anode (A) and cathode (C), the forward and reverse resistance should be large.

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