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20 Jun 2019

NEPCON ASIA the leading SMT Exhibition will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on August 28-30. The exhibition area is expected to be 60,000 square meters, which is the largest NEPCON exhibition. Six exhibitions are combined to create a connectivity platform for the electronics manufacturing industry.

As a new unveiled exhibition, ELECTROTEST complements the important part of the electronics manufacturing industry chain, helping the leading SMT Exhibition NEPCON ASIA to become a one-stop electronic manufacturing procurement industry chain, and will create a test industry-specific industry event.

At present, many test product manufacturers have joined ELECTROTEST, from international brands to manufacturing in China, from signal testing to finished product testing, which will meet the quality control needs of the SMT Exhibition entire industry chain and help the brand quality to a higher level.

Zhuhai Yuntaili Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

Exhibit introduction

keyboard key test


  • Detect keyboard connectivity and SMT Exhibition button functions
  • 50ms fast tap
  • Wide range of tapping force adjustment
  • Five-point tap detection
  • Real-time display of bad buttons

Micro-semiconductor chip automatic test line (second generation)

Product size is only 3*3 mm

Test items: electrical properties, optical properties, thermal properties

Compared with the first generation, the SMT Exhibition floor space is saved by 10.8% and the UPH is higher.

The production line is mainly used for fully automatic testing of micro-semiconductor chips. The production line adopts modular design and consists of SMT Exhibition five test modules with different functions and loading and unloading modules.

Compared with the first generation, the production line has an area saving of 10.8% and a higher UPH.

BUTTERFLY - PCBA function test machine

Modular design, easy to upgrade and maintain

Variety of needle plates for SMT Exhibition different types of testing

Friendly man-machine interface for easy human-computer interaction

Suitable for automation


  • Suitable for small current and short probe test;
  • The overall structure is compact;
  • Modular structure and easy maintenance;
  • Suitable for automation.

Weiss Fuchs Environmental Testing Instrument Co., Ltd.

Exhibit introduction

ShockEvent Series Temperature Impact Test Chamber

Temperature shock test chamber, model ShockEvent environmental conditions have an important impact on the functionality and reliability of electrical components, equipment and devices. In order to be able to detect potential defects in the SMT Exhibition shortest time, it is usually not enough to rely on conventional temperature detection; the sample must be subjected to severe temperature changes multiple times. Extremely fast temperature switching from –80 °C to +220 °C is achieved with our Shock Impact Chamber ShockEvent. As a result, you can reduce the risk of early failure and increase the reliability of your product. Renewable, certified and durable.


  • New environmentally friendly refrigerant R449A
  • Web-based operator interface WEBSeason®

Shenzhen Dingyang Technology Co., Ltd.

Exhibit introduction

SDS5000X series super fluorescence oscilloscope

Its input bandwidth is up to 1GHz, which is the highest bandwidth oscilloscope in domestic oscilloscopes so far; all SMT Exhibition indicators have reached the leading level: single channel storage depth up to 250Mpts, real-time sampling rate up to 5GSa/s, vertical gear down to 500uv/ Div, waveform capture rate of up to 500,000 frames / sec.

It also supports 1M point FFT operation, search and navigation functions, and optional 16 digital logic channel (MSO), 25MHz waveform generator. The SDS5000X is equipped with a 10.1-inch capacitive touch screen. It supports a variety of SMT Exhibition gestures to achieve common operations on waveforms. Combined with multiple one-button operation buttons on the front panel, the oscilloscope's operating efficiency is greatly improved and the user experience is enhanced!

SDS3000X series intelligent oscilloscope

It has an excellent analog front-end design with a maximum bandwidth of 1 GHz. It uses a new generation of SPO technology to achieve a sampling rate of up to 4GSa/s, a single-channel memory depth of up to 20Mpts, and a waveform capture rate of 1,000,000 frames per second. At the same time, the SDS3000X combines 16 channels of digital channel logic analyzer (MSO), 25MHz signal generator and digital voltmeter, and features advanced waveform search SMT Exhibition and intelligent triggering to become a powerful intelligent oscilloscope! The SDS3000 series is China's first intelligent oscilloscope launched by Dingyang Technology in 2015. It has been highly recognized by the market once it was launched.

Well-known enterprises such as Dajiang, TCL, and Quanzhi, as well as SMT Exhibition top universities such as Peking University, Tianjin University, and Zhejiang University have purchased this product many times. As an upgrade to the SDS3000, the SDS3000X has a maximum memory depth of 20MHz. At the same time, the processor is upgraded to dual-core Cortex-A15@1.5GHz, which greatly improves the response speed, measurement speed and operation speed. The types of SMT Exhibitions serial triggering and decoding are also extended to up to 10 types including I2C, I2S, SPI, UART/RS232, LIN, CAN, CAN-FD, FlexRay, MIL 1553, and USB 2.0. The touch screen is upgraded from capacitive to capacitive, making the touch more sensitive and supporting mouse and keyboard operation.

Spectrum & Vector Network Analysis Machine SVA1000X

Its spectrum analyzer frequency range is 9kHz-3.2GHz, and the vector network analyzer frequency range is 100k-3.2GHz. SVA1032X has fully optimized and upgraded all functional modes based on SMT Exhibition SVA1015X, standard VNA, extended PSK/QAM and other modulation analysis, with better test indicators, more complete functional design and better control experience. It is equipped with a 10.1-inch multi-touch screen that supports mouse and keyboard operation. At the same time, it has a variety of features such as SMT Exhibition vector network analysis mode, fault fixed-point analysis mode, advanced power measurement, ASK/FSK digital modulation analysis mode, EMI pre-compliance test.


The SDG6000X series of pulse/arbitrary waveform generators have been fully upgraded to the hardware design of the product, using faster control system units, more advanced digital processing chips, and higher bandwidth, responsive to faster analog channels, enabling each product SMT Exhibition. The performance indicators have been greatly improved. It is a heavy product carefully built by Dingyang Technology. It can also be called the benchmark of Dingyang Technology's arbitrary waveform generator series. Many of its performance indicators have broken the domestic similar products. Technical bottleneck!

Non-conventional work - the most bandwidth: SDG6000X / XE maximum output bandwidth can reach 500MHz, this parameter broke through the domestic technical bottleneck in one fell swoop, while breaking the status quo of overseas peer monopoly, making it into the SMT Exhibition ranks of high-end arbitrary waveform generators It can be called a broken game!

The highest speed: At the same time, it has a sampling rate of up to 2.4GSa/s and 16bit vertical resolution. This parameter is in the leading SMT Exhibition position in the domestic similar products, which can minimize the waveform details in time and amplitude.

The most pulse: Dingyang Technology's original EasyPulse technology (the technology has been nominated for the R&D 100 Adwards of the Academy of Science and Technology Innovation Awards) makes the SDG6000X/XE overcome the inherent defects of DDS technology in the SMT Exhibition output pulse, and achieve the pulse wave rise. The / falling edge and pulse width are finely adjustable, the adjustment step is as low as 100ps; the rising/falling edge is as low as 1ns (the SDG6000X-E series is as low as 2ns), comparable to professional-grade high-quality pulse signal generators.

Guangzhou Silinjie Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

Exhibit introduction

Embedded instrument module


The versatile embedded instrument module is designed for automated line measurement, including digital multimeters, data loggers, oscilloscopes, audio analyzers, signal generators, digital power supplies and electronic loads to help streamline production line measurements and optimize Productivity. With a SMT Exhibition custom design, the module easily embeds an automated fixture in a small space.


Custom modular design

Flexible modular combination

Compact appearance that is easy to embed

As a single instrument or embedded module

Application scenario:

Automated production line measurement

Guangdong Laibotong Testing Equipment Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2002, it focuses on the development and manufacture of mechanical environment simulation test equipment. With the aim of "providing the most reliable mechanical environment testing equipment and high-quality professional services to customers", our goal is to become the most professional SMT Exhibition mechanical environment simulation, reliability test equipment manufacturer and solution provider, and become a customer. Preferred brand, won the trust of our customers.

The company adheres to the "people-oriented", gathers a group of professional design and production talents in the industry, and integrates the mature experience and installation ability of designing and manufacturing special-standard mechanical environment simulation test equipment. The company has developed SMT Exhibition independent intellectual property rights: vibration testing machine, impact testing machine, crash test machine, packaging drop test machine, comprehensive environmental simulation test machine and other products.

Exhibit introduction

Vibration testing machine

The electromagnetic vibration tester simulates the vibration environment under laboratory conditions and tests the impact strength and reliability in various vibration test applications. Models such as sinusoidal, random, resonant search and dwell, typical shock and road simulation can be simulated in the laboratory with the aid of SMT Exhibition a vibration tester system. For product quality assurance, new product development is essential.

The electromagnetic vibration testing machine is specially designed to meet long-term work, and the vertical base can be added to achieve horizontal and horizontal vibration. The SMT Exhibition standard platform is equipped with high-efficiency airbag vibration to minimize vibrations that propagate to the building, and in most cases does not require additional foundation.

The vibration table, power amplifier and vibration measurement control system form a complete vibration test system according to half of the SMT Exhibition national and international standards (eg MIL-STD, DIN, ISO, ASTM, IEC, ISTA, GB, GJB, JIS) , BS, etc.) provide technical support for users to establish product quality inspection.

Drop test machine

For large packaged goods, the quality is generally high, and the vertical drop height is low during transportation and handling. The height of the SMT Exhibition drop test is also relatively low, and the zero height drop tester is mainly used for the drop test of larger packages.

Impact testing machine

Mainly used in: mobile phones, batteries, computer components, optical components, connectors, etc., can also be used as a buffer material testing machine to test the performance of cushioning materials.

Crash tester

This product is suitable for use in components, equipment and other electronic and electrical products that may be subject to repeated shocks during transportation or use. Collision testing can also be used as a means of determining the satisfactory design of a sample in terms of structure, or as a means of quality control. The crash test consists essentially in that the SMT Exhibition sample is subjected to repeated shocks of a standard pulse with a defined peak acceleration and duration on a crash tester.

More exhibitor previews are continuously updated...

ELECTROTEST is a professional SMT Exhibition and conference platform dedicated to demonstrating electronic product testing technology. It fully displays test, measurement, inspection and analysis equipment and technology related to electronic product design and manufacturing, leads the test and measurement industry to send letters and trends, and disseminates advanced factory management. Ideas and industry technical information.

The concurrent SMT Exhibition conferences covered hot topics such as quality control, lean production, and automated test and measurement technologies.

The SMT Exhibition will attract core buyers from the electronics manufacturing industries such as consumer electronics, communications electronics, automotive electronics, medical electronics, etc., to deepen the needs of test industry buyers, invite testing direction procurement and technical leaders.

ELECTROTEST will be your innovative communication platform for efficient buyers. Here, you will realize efficient business through online (website, WeChat, online business talks system) and offline (exhibition, forum, industry salon) and other rich forms. Pairing helps you reach the precise crowd, disseminate the latest solutions in the testing field and build a corporate brand image.

As an international quality SMT Exhibition of electronic manufacturing industry, it is expected that 800 exhibitors and brands from 38 countries and regions, and 60,000 professional visitors from the electronics manufacturing industry will participate in the NEPCON ASIA exhibition. The 5G theme will showcase new technologies and products from printed circuit boards, circuit board assembly, automated assembly, and testing to electronic manufacturing.

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