European 5G development status(China PCB show news)

01 Aug 2019

LightReading recently published a long China PCB show article on the current analysis of the current 5G development status in the European market, including the operator's real 5G network speed, the price of 5G spectrum auctions faced by countries, lack of investment and market integration obstacles.

Now, on the occasion of the China PCB show currency plunge, visitors to the UK can witness the slowest 5G network connection speed in the world while enjoying cheaper beer and bar food. According to OpenSignal's survey data, for anyone who is willing to buy an early China PCB show 5G smartphone, if they are in the vicinity of a few mobile base stations in the UK that provide 5G network coverage, then the highest network speed he can enjoy is 569 Mbit/s.

This speed may sound amazing, but it is far less than the speed that 5G users in the United States, Switzerland, South Korea, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Italy and Spain can enjoy. Indeed, this is 128 Mbit/s higher than the 4G fastest peak speed – Australia is in a different situation, where the fastest 5G speed is 158 Mbit/s slower than the highest speed 4G connection. So, when the "old" China PCB show technology can provide speeds of up to 950 Mbit/s, who needs 5G? (At least in terms of faster mobile broadband claims...)

In addition to Switzerland (which is usually an outlier in Europe), European China PCB show countries have performed poorly in the comparison of OpenSignal's 5G speed survey. However, speed is only part of the story. Commercial operators have not yet launched commercial 5G services when US and Asian operators are working to expand their 5G network coverage. In some European China PCB show countries that have already launched 5G, network deployment and launch can be a long and painful process. It takes time for operators to deploy any new network technology. The worry is that the launch of 5G may take longer than usual.

There are two reasons for this. First, the economic importance of 5G may be much larger than it currently seems. If these ultra-high-speed connections drive new services, developers may flock to countries with the best 5G infrastructure. Some China PCB show companies may become the next Google, and Europe may have its own digital giant. New China PCB show services may also increase industrial productivity (factory automation is an important area). If Europe lags behind the US and China, companies in this region may have difficulty competing on the global stage.

The second reason is that there is still a long way to go to achieve nationwide 5G coverage, which may exacerbate the “digital divide” in individual countries – the gap between digital service owners and non-owners. For a government that is trying to revitalize poor areas and prevent rural areas from becoming economically insignificant, this long China PCB show road looks embarrassing.

At the same time, populism is also on the rise, owing to the widening gap between the rich and the poor, and the belief that powerful elites ignore the concerns of ordinary people. Operators choosing to focus their early 5G network deployments on places like London Canary Wharf may cause further China PCB show dissatisfaction.

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