Gigabit strategy of China's three major operators[SMT Exhibition News]

06 Jul 2019

The Gigabit era of 10G PON fiber technology is coming!

With the advancement of fiber-optic broadband access technology and the gradual application of emerging high-bandwidth SMT Exhibition services such as high-definition video, smart home and Cloud VR, Gigabit broadband has become the focus of the next global broadband development.

According to the report from SMT Exhibition Ovum, more than 234 operators in the world have released Gigabit services, 20 of which have released 10 Gigabit services, and 10G PONs are the basic technology of Gigabit networks. It is expected that the central 10G PON OLT ports will be compounded in the next five years. The growth rate is 77%, and the terminal 10G PON ONT compound growth rate is 198%.

Yan Li, director of the Institute of Technology and Standards of the China Information and Communication Research Institute and deputy secretary-general of the Broadband Development Alliance, said: "From the perspective of the development of fixed SMT Exhibition networks, we have experienced a narrowband era (64Kbps) represented by PSTN/ISDN technology. The broadband era (10Mbps) represented by ADSL technology, the ultra-broadband era (30~200Mbps) represented by VDSL technology, and the ultra-hundred-megabit era (100~500Mbps) represented by GPON/EPON technology are currently entering 10G PON technology represents the fifth generation of SMT Exhibition Gigabit ultra-wide era."

The industry is generally optimistic about the development prospects of the 5th generation fixed-line network, and has gradually begun to put into practice, and actively promote the ecological prosperity of the SMT Exhibition Gigabit industry.

China's three major telecommunications companies have begun to promote SMT Exhibition Gigabit network deployment and explore Gigabit applications.

As of the end of May 2019, 26 provincial operators in 21 provinces across the country have released Gigabit commercial packages to promote innovative business such as Cloud VR, smart home, and scene broadband (game acceleration, campus broadband, anchor broadband, etc.). Commercial, it has effectively promoted the ecological prosperity of the SMT Exhibition Giga industry.

China Telecom: Building a smart broadband with Gigabit bandwidth + 5G

China Telecom actively responded to the national SMT Exhibition network power strategy and accelerated the implementation of the government's work report on "speeding up and reducing fees, carrying out urban Gigabit broadband home demonstration", vigorously promote the construction of 10G PON network, and form a scale of gigabit coverage in key cities.

In order to ensure the leading position of broadband SMT Exhibition network capability and support the development of Gigabit services, China Telecom requires provincial companies to accelerate the upgrade of existing EPON and GPON networks to 10G PON, giving priority to ensuring SMT Exhibition Gigabit network coverage in key cities and key areas, and maintaining industry leadership in network capabilities. status.

In terms of deployment, in October 2018, China Telecom took the lead in releasing the world's first SMT Exhibition Gigabit city in Shanghai.

After 2019, Gigabit Smart Broadband was released in various cities in Inner Mongolia, Anhui, Guizhou and Hebei. In particular, on May 30th, Shanghai also issued the title of 5G+Gigabit Light Broad Demonstration SMT Exhibition City.

Ke Ruiwen, chairman of China Telecom, pointed out that smart homes should be composed of five parts: smart broadband, smart home platform, intelligent application, intelligent security and intelligent service. Intelligent SMT Exhibition broadband is the foundation, adhere to the construction direction of “network-to-cloud and cloud-network collaboration”, and actively build Gigabit optical broadband and 5G smart broadband; push 4K/8K, cloud games, VR/AR and other services on the cloud, let users At home, you can enjoy a variety of cloud services that are complete and fast.

At the Gigabit Forum held during the recent MWC19 Shanghai, Dr. Jiang Ming, Director of the Basic Network Department of China Telecom Research Institute, said that the traction of national policies has a great driving force for SMT Exhibition Gigabit networks. From the business point of view, there are some emerging emerging markets. The business has formed an acceleration engine for Gigabit networks.

Under this circumstance, China Telecom has taken the lead and made good progress. At present, China Telecom has planned to cover 12 key cities in 3619, 36 economically developed cities and more than 100 general cities to complete the coverage of SMT Exhibition Gigabit networks.

China Mobile: Ensuring 70% of the country's equipment has Gigabit capabilities

In the second half of 2018, China Mobile systematically researched and developed the XG(S)-PON interworking technology solution and launched the SMT Exhibition XG-PON gateway integration and interoperability test.

In April of this year, China Mobile also purchased 10G PON smart home gateways, totaling 2 million, including 1 million XG-PON smart SMT Exhibition home gateways (type 4) and 1 million XGS-PON smart home gateways (type 5).

At present, China Mobile's fixed-line broadband subscribers have the largest number. As of the end of April 2019, China Mobile's fixed-line SMT Exhibition broadband subscribers increased by 1.786 million, with a total of 168.87 billion.

In response to the national policy of “speeding up and reducing fees”, China Mobile said that it will actively promote the construction and upgrading of broadband SMT Exhibition network equipment this year to ensure that 70% of the country's equipment has Gigabit capability, and it will build 300 Gigabit cities, covering 200 million potential. Broadband users.

At present, China Mobile has launched Gigabit broadband services in several cities. For example, in March 2019, Shanghai Mobile announced that Hongkou District will be built as a “global dual gigabit first zone”. It plans to achieve gigabit coverage of all SMT Exhibition communities within three years and launch The policy of promised payment for the use of Gigabit "new broadband" in the use of security, to ensure the user's convenient use in the installation, use, maintenance and other stages.

China Unicom: the first to complete the decoupling of 10G PON

In 2018, China Unicom launched the collection test of 10G PON equipment under SMT Exhibition interoperability conditions, and formulated a scheme for EPON and GPON to evolve to 10GEPON and XG-PON respectively.

Zhang Pei, director of the Home Internet Research Center of China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute, also introduced the progress of SMT Exhibition Unicom 10G PON decoupling at the Gigabit Forum held during MWC19 Shanghai.

Zhang Pei: "China Unicom took the lead in launching 10G PON chip and terminal decoupling interoperability. After half a year of cooperation, China Unicom and 6 chip partners completed chip-level decoupling of 10G PON lab; and Unicom and 9 terminal partners Completed the SMT Exhibition intercommunication test of XGPON and 10G EPON Gigabit intelligent gateway."

For the three major operators are actively promoting the deployment of Gigabit networks, President Yu Yuzhi, president of Huawei's transmission and access product line, also said that the arrival of the Gigabit Smart Age (F5n) represented by 10G PON technology will fully stimulate SMT Exhibition industry vitality and accelerate the industry. The pace of innovation will promote the industrial ecological prosperity.

In the future, F5n and 5G will develop synergistically, and will make full use of the massive bandwidth of optical networks and the mobility of SMT Exhibition wireless networks, and combine the advantages of both of them to promote social development in an unprecedented way, enabling all walks of life. Innovation.

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