Guowei Precision helps to improve SMT process [China PCB show NEWS]

09 Jul 2019

Nowadays, the three-stage SMT placement machine is moving towards the “three highs and four modernizations” driven by the era of China PCB show automation and automation. High performance, high efficiency, high integration and flexibility, intelligent and green ,diversification. Among them, the adjustment of the "density" and "speed" imbalance is the primary goal in the China PCB show SMT industry.

Shenzhen Guowei Precision Equipment Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer specializing in SMT peripheral transportation connection equipment planning, design, research and development, production, sales and service, has been working in the China PCB show industry for many years. Through continuous updating and improvement, and in response to customer needs, Guowei Precision has launched a full range of standard and high-grade upper/lower boards, feeders and other related equipment.

With "automatic suction plate machine, GW-XS250T", "automatic PCB inkjet printer, TME-IJY330H" and "PCB surface cleaning machine, GW-QJ250T" as the product China PCB show representative, Guowei Precision has been new in SMT in recent years. Stand out in the field. In April of this year, Guowei Precision will participate in the leading China PCB show NEPCON ASIA exhibition, in order to let more friends taste the fruits of its harvest.

Automatic suction plate machine, GW-XS250T

The device is used in the source of SMT and AI production lines, without the need to manually touch the PCB board, to better protect the PCB board. The bare PCB board is sent to the PCB production line rhythmically according to the required China PCB show board action requirements of the rear China PCB show device, and can be set to automatically control the single-lift number. At the same time, the machine has high precision, fault alarm, bare board and non-bare board are optional, making production faster, safer and more practical.

Fully automatic PCB printer, TME-IJY330H

The machine is an online automatic marking device independently developed for PCB & SMT process, which can replace traditional manual and mechanical labeling to achieve perfect docking MES system. Its perfect China PCB show communication function can realize the completion of the light and dark code, multi-line printing and 360-degree arbitrary angle printing. Its built-in print verification and anti-re-marking function make management worry-free.

PCB board cleaning machine, GW-QJ250T

The device is used between the upper plate and the printing China PCB show press and is suitable for AI and SMT cleaning needs. It can remove foreign matter such as chip surface chip, dust, fiber and green oil residue and recover it, and clean the surface of the China PCB show substrate before printing. It helps to significantly reduce solder joint defects during the printing process, and can play a significant role in improving bridge (short circuit) and solder joint defects.

The above three products not only achieved breakthrough improvement in SMT technology, but also been widely used in the automation and industrial control electronics industries. As the "PCB automation equipment", Guowei Precision's three devices were first displayed on the stage of China PCB show NEPCON ASIA, which is full of expectations. If you are already excited, you may wish to visit NEPCON ASIA 2019. Guowei Precision is waiting for you.

The leading China PCB show NEPCON ASIA 2019, which was launched on August 28 this year, not only has the "SMT Surface Mount" exhibition area, but also welding and dispensing, testing and measurement, electronic materials, electronic micro-assembly and SiP process, smart factory and automation technology. Dedicated display. As a long-established electronics China PCB show industry exhibition, NEPCON China is committed to bringing the distance between exhibitors and visitors closer, and to discuss, collaborate and improve the emerging technologies.

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