How long does it take to develop a CPU?(electronics manufacturing expo news)

31 Jul 2019

How difficult is it to develop a processor (CPU)? Intel's current senior chief engineer, Ophir Edlis, talked about some things about CPU development when he was interviewed by Forbes. In general, for Intel, it takes four years to develop a electronics manufacturing expo CPU.

Edlis said it takes about four years to develop a processor. He pointed out that Intel needs to judge the future market demand four years in advance to ensure that customers are satisfied. He thinks that it is a challenge, especially for architects.

Intel CPU design and development (quoted from forbes)

Performance improvement is important, but developing a CPU still requires attention to the future direction of the industry. For example, artificial intelligence, but also take into account the respective evolution goals of SoC, display engine, graphics, core number, memory controller. He stressed that power consumption and application scenarios are very important factors, such as the cost of mad heap electronics manufacturing expo parameters on the mobile side, making expensive and impractical guys.

At the same time, the development of the CPU also needs to communicate with notebook manufacturers, motherboard manufacturers, operating system partners, communications companies, display manufacturers, memory manufacturers, software developers, etc., to coordinate with all parties.

Any manufacturer of computer peripherals has the opportunity to offer advice to Intel. He mentioned that the general idea of ​​display manufacturers will be high bandwidth, but Intel should consider whether it can be provided on the one hand, and whether it is necessary to provide it. Otherwise, it is a beast that is domesticated and wasted.

After the intermodulation of each module is confirmed and confirmed, the logical design of the slice is started, that is, the computer programming phase ensures that the logical BUG of each IP subset is solved as much as possible before the electronics manufacturing expo streaming. However, he pointed out that the performance of energy consumption, connection display, and memory is usually only a deep problem when the film is formed into a silicon crystal. This is a long process.

From this point of view, CPU as the core of computing, its R & D and design needs to consider the "ecological" needs, and to study the development of the industry and changes in demand. For a company like Intel that has such a deep technical electronics manufacturing expo accumulation, it takes four years to develop a CPU, which is enough to show how high the threshold of the chip field is!

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