HW leads the number of 5G patents[electronics manufacturing expo news]

02 Jul 2019

At the end of April, IPlytics released data on 5G patents. Over the past four years, more and more 5G standard essential patents (SEPs) have been issued. It shows that as of April 20, 2019, the total number of 5G standard essential patents in the electronics manufacturing expo world reached 74,531, including: 2055 in 2015, 2053 in 2016, 11,662 in 2017, 53,935 in 2018, and 4,919 in 2019. 4,826 pieces.

As of April 20, 2019, the top 27 holders of 5G standard essential patents are: HW 1554, Nokia 1427, Samsung 1316, LG Electronics 1274, ZTE 1208, Qualcomm 846, Ericsson 819 Family, Intel 551, Datang 545, Sharp 468, Guangdong OPPO Company 207, Fujitsu 20, InterDigital Technology Company 18, Sony 14, Taiwan MediaTek 13, Apple 12, Taiwan Institute of Technology 10th in the hospital, 9 in the electronics manufacturing expo BlackBerry, 8 in the Korean telecom, 8 in the Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, 8 in the Taiwan Acer, 8 in the IPRLicensing company, 2 in the Innovative Technology Co., Ltd., 2 in the Italian svelInternational company, Taiwan, China HTC Company 2, the United States Optis Wireless Technology Company 2 family.

The 5G standard was developed at several international conferences held by the 3GPP. At these conferences, each company submits its own technical proposal documents.

It shows that as of April 20, 2019, HW submitted the largest number of 5G technology proposals, followed by electronics manufacturing expo Ericsson, Nokia, Qualcomm, Samsung: HW 10,844, Ericsson 8,428, Nokia 5843, Qualcomm 3018, Samsung 2621, ZTE 2341, Intel 1890, LG Electronics 1650, China Mobile 1345, Datang 1240, NTT DOCOMO 1173, MediaTek 397, NEC 381, France Telecom 378, Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute. 356 in Guangdong OPPO companies, 253 in Germany, 241 in Sony, 228 in Rohde & Schwarz, 190 in Vivo Communications, 160 in Motorola, 154 in Sharp and 153 in Fraunhofer (Germany).

Another indicator used to estimate a company's participation in and investment in 5G standard development is "the number of engineers (persons) of the company participating in the 5G electronics manufacturing expo standards development meeting."

As of April 20, 2019, HW 1975, Ericsson 1538, Samsung 1311, Nokia 1232, Qualcomm 968, LG Electronics 884, Intel 767, China Mobile 563, NEC 528, Motorola 525 People, Datang 486, NTTDOCOMO 427, InterDigital Technology 396, Vodafone 376, AT&T (USA) 318, France Telecom 316, Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute 294, MediaTek 293, Deutsche Telekom 271 People.

Developments over the past few years have shown that 3G and 4G patent owners control the use of various mobile technologies in the mobile communications industry. As a result, 5G patent owners may also become leaders in 5G technology and 5G markets to enable 5G electronics manufacturing expo connectivity in various countries. SEP is a patent that any company must use to produce 5G products in accordance with 3GPP standards.

While 3G and 4G are primarily targeted at human services (mobile Internet), 5G will achieve this connection through, for example, the entire physical world. Internet of Things (IoT). In the future, any industry affected by network electronics manufacturing expo connectivity, such as transportation, energy, industrial manufacturing, healthcare, infotainment, etc., will use 5G, so 5G essential patent standards will also be used. The successful 3G and 4G patent licensing programs show that the “patent royalties” income is very profitable.

As mentioned above, the target market for 5G patent licenses will even increase, and 5G patent holders will be able to extend their 5G patent licensing program to various 5G use cases outside the mobile Internet.

The licensing of 5G standard essential patents seems to be destined to become a major issue - not only for the mobile Internet industry, but also for any vertical industry that uses 5G technology. IPlytics recommends that senior patent managers and patent directors should keep in mind some of the key considerations of 5G electronics manufacturing expo patents:

  • 1 Future technologies that enable "connection" will increasingly rely on patented technology standards such as 5G;
  • 2 The number of 25G standard essential patents is constantly increasing, and patent directors should consider royalties and appropriate security payments in advance;
  • 3 Patent directors should not only consider the information retrieved from the patent database, but also monitor and consider standardized data—such as a company's 5G technology contribution and attendance at the 5G labeling meeting to fully understand the 5G patentee.
  • 4 Senior patent managers should keep in mind the dynamic market of standard essential patents—where patent claim entities typically acquire patent portfolios to claim broad royalty payments;
  • 5 Manufacturers should adopt a common 5G patent and standardization strategy to ensure their full participation in the electronics manufacturing expo development of future connectivity technologies

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