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19 Jun 2019

SMT (Surface Mount Technology) has been in the manufacturing process of electronic manufacturing for more than 30 years electronics manufacturing expo. The important production equipment is the placement machine. Even in the hot market of various 3C products, the placement machine is still electronic. The core production equipment of the manufacturing industry.

Sorting machine

In terms of manufacturing country:

Japan: Panasonic Panasonic, Fuji Fuji, YAMAHA Yamaha (acquired Hitachi), Juki (acquired Sony)...

Germany: Siplace (formerly Siemens, later sold to ASM Advanced Assembly)

Netherlands: K&S Kulsofa (formerly Ambient)

United Kingdom: Europlacer

United States: Universal Universal Instruments

Korea: Hanwha (formerly SAMSUNG Samsung), MIRAE

※ Note: Due to the large changes in the electronics industry and electronics manufacturing expos, equipment manufacturers are also divided and combined. The above lists only the major brands that are common in the market.

Differentiate by placement speed:

Medium speed machine, high speed machine, super high speed machine.

Differentiated by the ability of placement parts:

High-speed machine, general purpose machine.

Market sales overview of placement machine

According to the sales volume of global SMT placement machines in recent years, Top-3 is Panasonic>Fuji>Others.

In recent years, Siplace has been rushing to catch up with the third place. In the past, Fuji was the leader in the past and electronics manufacturing expos. Later, after the Panasonic modular placement machine CM402 went on the market, it maintained the number one sales.

The placement machine is a high-speed automation, high-precision, high-speed production equipment, highly dependent on after-sales service, and has different production quantities and quality differences due to the optimization of the electronics manufacturing expo placement machine production program. Therefore, the sales volume is mainly related to the equipment capability. The series of comprehensive models, strong after-sales support, continuous research and development capabilities, production quality reliability, production efficiency & maintenance costs are closely related.

Analysis of the difference in the capacity of the placement machine

Due to changes in market products, 3C products dominate the market, such as mobile phones, Pads, LED TVs, wearable products, followed by electronics manufacturing expo automotive electronics, industrial, military products.

In response to the changing trend of SMT electronic components and the lightness and shortness of 3C products, the comprehensive capability of high productivity (high CPH), high precision, high flexibility, production automation and maintenance automation has become an indicator project of the electronics manufacturing expo placement machine capability.

Therefore, manufacturers have not kept up with the pace of development, and gradually become non-mainstream equipment, such as Assembleon, Europlacer, Universal, Korean equipment, of which Universal is to turn its technical capabilities into high precision, special ability is still a day.

Flexible design of the placement machine

In view of the differences in the types of electronic products (number of parts, size of parts, distribution ratio of active passive parts, PCB size), the placement machine has evolved from a high-speed machine and a general-purpose machine in the past to a modular mode electronics manufacturing expo. The use of interchangeable heads, inspection heads, dispensing heads, plug-in heads, high-speed heads, general-purpose heads, etc.

The track has also evolved from the previous monorail to a dual track to increase output and productivity, and the Feeder trolley and Tray Feeder have evolved from fixed to active.

Therefore, it is now impossible to call the placement machine by means of a fixed high-speed machine or a general-purpose machine. The flexible combination of multiple changes and flexible exchange can meet the needs of the user's strain, extend the service life of the electronics manufacturing expo machine, and improve the survivability of the machine. Manufacturers are inevitably developing the trend of placement machines.

SMD Component size development situation

Comparison of the comprehensive capabilities of the placement machine

The future development trend of the placement machine

In 3C electronic products occupying most of the consumer market, light and short miniaturization is an inevitable trend.

Smaller SMD parts corresponding capacity, high CPH, high unit area capacity, lower placement pressure to avoid damage to fragile parts, smarter production mode to increase production efficiency, higher automated production to reduce manpower, high automation equipment maintenance

The ability to reduce technology dependence, industry 4.0 corresponding capabilities to facilitate equipment, production efficiency management, are the main indicators for electronics manufacturing expo future inspection of whether the placement machine has a future and choose the right placement machine.

Mobile communication 5G/automobile new energy and placement machine

Consumer electronics, such as mobile phone products, have used 01005 Chip in a large amount, which is lighter, thinner or shorter, and adds functions in a limited space. Under the demand of SMT process capability, it is really necessary to match with electronics manufacturing expo higher precision and high CPH to ensure production yield and effectively control manufacturing. The cost, as for the product type of the new energy of the automobile, the technical focus is not on the SMT process, so the development of the placement machine has little effect on the power supply products.

in conclusion

In summary, the future placement machine will see the brutal competition of the survival of the fittest according to the development direction, R&D speed and functional integrity of each manufacturer. The sales volume in the market is still mainly to support the equipment manufacturer to innovate. Quanyuan, the future is still dominated by Japanese and German placement machines.

For electronic manufacturing companies, the placement machines in each country have their own strengths. How to find a placement machine that meets the needs of electronics manufacturing expo and their own production lines is the key. The mainstream placement machines are distributed all over the world. How to quickly collect various market information and product information in the early stage, NEPCON ASIA should not be missed.

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