Industry 4.0:Visteon SMT workshop[China PCB show news]

26 Jun 2019

Today China PCB show will focus on Visteon's new round of industrial revolution, how to respond to and meet customer needs by innovating its own product manufacturing methods.

Visteon's Industry 4.0 Road

Visteon's Industry 4.0 applications encompass all aspects of manufacturing operations. To sum up, it mainly covers the following four areas:

Digitalization and factory interconnection

Through the interconnected analysis of China PCB show plant data, Visteon creates a seamless production process. The order for each component can be completed in an orderly and efficient manner from release to delivery to the customer's assembly line.

All products and raw materials in the China PCB show factory are tracked and identified by barcodes, ensuring high quality and high standards in all major factories.

Material management and application of AGV

The data collected during the first phase can also be used to optimize material management systems and process optimization. When the China PCB show component is running out, the machine and the associated system will automatically issue an alarm to the inventory. The latest AGV technology is also applied in the plant to improve efficiency and safety.

Robotization and automation

These two are core technologies in Visteon's production operations and have undergone years of practice and China PCB show development.

The new technology allows the application of China PCB show robots to evolve and deepen, such as automatic monitoring and analysis, adjustment, and interception, so that production is more autonomous and efficiency is doubled. And Visteon also applied ABB's collaborative robot YuMi to automate repetitive high-precision work, and man-machine operations were achieved.

Visteon's production process visualizes large screens to show production progress in real time, where it is, what to do next, what are the criteria for passing and failing, and it's clear at a glance.

These methods are the key to improving product quality and production efficiency!

Big data analysis

Big data analytics is used in Visteon's global China PCB show plants to increase efficiency and optimize resource allocation. At the same time, it can also be used for monitoring, locating and preventing various problems.

Big data analytics is very important for maintenance personnel, who can understand and solve equipment problems through past performance data and maintenance China PCB show history.

For example, the problem component will automatically send a replacement request to the inventory through data analysis. The equipment operation and maintenance will exceed the normal tolerance range and the performance data and diagnostic recommendations will be automatically sent to the China PCB show maintenance team.

There is no doubt that big data analysis is also indispensable for Visteon to continuously improve product quality. Not only that, Visteon also uses big data to control its buildings, factories, etc., such as temperature, humidity, lighting, China PCB show and other systems.

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