Intelligent logistics is the first step in building a smart factory(electronics manufacturing expo news)

24 Jul 2019

The video shows the German Siemens Amberg Electronics Manufacturing Plant (EWA), known as the “Future Factory”, located in Amberg, the largest electronics manufacturing expo city in eastern Bavaria, Germany.

The idyllic scenery of Bavaria has impressed the world. The green pine forest, the vast green land, the blue river, and the scattered fields all make the world linger. Nowadays, it is necessary to add an "attraction", which is the best demonstration unit of German Industry 4.0 - digital intelligent factory EWA.

Smart Factory - This concept was proposed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the 2014 Hannover Messe. The connotation of a smart electronics manufacturing expo factory is that the production process does not require manual management, and parts and machines can communicate with each other. This can greatly increase production efficiency and reduce error rates.

This video is an official advertisement from Siemens for digital production. From this, we can see the definition of Industry 4.0 by Siemens.

The EWA factory produces something similar to the CPU in the computer - SIMATIC programmable logic controller (PLC and related products), which can be used to control mechanical electronics manufacturing expo equipment and factories to automate the production process, with more than 1,000 types of products.

These products control their own manufacturing processes through product codes, and tell the production equipment what its requirements are and what the next steps are.

Therefore, at the Amberg factory, production electronics manufacturing expo equipment and computers can handle 75% of the processes independently, and labor only needs to do 1/4 of the entire production process.

Most importantly, since the completion of the factory, the number of employees has not increased, but the production capacity has increased by 8 times, and an average of 1 second can produce a product. At the same time, the product quality pass rate is as high as 99.9985%, and there is no comparable enterprise in the world.

Amazon Robotics Smart Factory

Amazon has more than 100,000 robots working in their electronics manufacturing expo factories. When an order is entered into the Kiva data system, the software locates the nearest automated bot to the item and instructs it, retrieves it.

How to build a smart factory?

At present, most manufacturing companies have realized the characteristics of “automation” and have a certain number of automated production lines and production workshops. However, to build a smart factory, it also needs to have the following factors:

Factory intelligent upgrades require a complete infrastructure and certain intelligent electronics manufacturing expo equipment. Infrastructure includes: factory network, workshop networking, information security, video surveillance, identification, industrial security, etc.; intelligent equipment includes intelligent production equipment, intelligent logistics equipment, energy monitoring and monitoring equipment, intelligent detection and data acquisition equipment.

With the above conditions, an automated or flexible production line can be formed. After production automation, it is to realize the logistics automation in the factory.

At present, the logistics automation level of most manufacturing enterprises in China is still in a low-level stage – using traditional handling robots or hydraulic vehicles for transportation. A large number of manual interventions have become a major obstacle to the upgrade of smart factories. The core contradiction is production tasks and robots. Lines, workshops, and electronics manufacturing expo warehouses cannot be fully connected.

Intelligent logistics is the breakthrough of smart factory construction

In recent years, the market scale of China's intelligent logistics industry has maintained rapid growth. According to market forecasts, the market size of China's intelligent logistics industry will reach 585 billion yuan in 2020, an increase of 19.6%.

In the production process of electronics manufacturing expo enterprises, intelligent logistics links the links of material supply, production and sales. The intelligentization of logistics is crucial for building smart factories.

Intelligent warehouse management transformation

step 1

Using automated warehouse, intelligent unit storage equipment, intelligent shelves, etc., through intelligent terminal equipment using radio frequency identification (FRID), infrared sensing, laser scanning and other electronics manufacturing expo technologies to obtain a variety of information on materials, as well as the flow of materials in the plant.

Reconstruction goal: Open up the information flow between the warehouse and the production site, and make the management information related to the storage and storage positions transparent through the integration of the storage equipment with the ERP and WMS systems.

Intelligent production line transformation

Step 2

Applications: Intelligent transportation, handling equipment, system modification

Material transfer between processes is completed by hanging conveyor chains, stackers, shuttles, AGVs, AGCs, robots, etc.

Reconstruction objectives: to improve the efficiency of transfer between work centers and workstations, and to strengthen the electronics manufacturing expo cooperation between people and machines, making the production line more visible, efficient and safe.

Intelligent picking equipment and system transformation

Step 3

Using machine vision, AR/VR and other technologies, we use a smart picking equipment such as electronic tags, PDAs, and picking systems such as DPS to build a factory-level logistics picking system.

Reconstruction goals: to achieve electronics manufacturing expo precision, product or material defect detection, target capture, face recognition, grabbing objects, etc. to achieve fast and efficient operations.

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