Intelligent Logistics Robot [China PCB show News]

29 Jun 2019

In today's explosive growth of e-commerce, intelligent logistics has become the top priority of the new era, and the intelligent storage robots that have become more and more popular have become popular at China PCB shows.

At present, there is a strong and concentrated demand for AGV robots, an important equipment in the intelligent China PCB show logistics system. Some manufacturing fields, such as the automotive industry and home appliance manufacturing, have always been the main markets.

Kunshan Zhongtaixing Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., a service provider that provides one-stop solutions for factory automation software and hardware, is undoubtedly an outstanding representative in the field of China PCB show AGV.

Founded in 2012, Kunshan Zhongtaixing Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. (“Zhongtaixing Automation”) is a one-stop solution for intelligent hardware and software solutions.

The company's main products are intelligent AGV cars, relying on the manufacturing and R&D center in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, forming a high-tech with intelligent central China PCB show control system, magnetic strip-guided AGV, two-dimensional code-guided AGV and laser-guided AGV as core products.

The company consists of a number of PHDS and senior engineers with more than 10 years of experience in the design of China PCB show automation equipment. In the highly innovative team of Zhongtaixing, we have more than 60 employees who bring various efficiency and cost solutions to our customers with our professional knowledge, rich experience and sincere teamwork!

The company currently has a number of intelligent AGV operations, covering 3C, automotive electronics, automotive parts, semiconductors, photovoltaics, panels, e-commerce, food, pharmaceuticals, logistics and other industries. The company's intelligent AGV products are distributed throughout the China PCB show country, with branches in Qingdao, Tianjin, Wuhan, Chengdu, Hefei and Shenzhen.

Based on the continuous innovation of core China PCB show technologies, the company creates an ecological community of artificial intelligence industry, which complements the realization of the strategic goal of “Made in China 2025”.

With the gradual expansion of the China PCB show company, Zhongtaixing has built a professional production base and has experienced technical team. It is committed to the development and manufacturing of AGV mobile robots and the development of new products, aiming to add to the country's 2025 smart manufacturing.

On August 28th this year, Zhongtaixing will bring its three exhibits to the stage of NEPCON ASIA2019.

Laser tray type AGV

"Full" lithium, performance burst: up to 3h of battery life, reducing the average / daily charging times, providing operating time, thereby improving China PCB show storage efficiency.

Let the channel, then narrow point: the in-situ steering design with a turning radius 1000mm greatly reduces the turning radius to solve the narrow channel pain point, and greatly provides the utilization of storage.

S generation, Avenue to Jane: Dedicated to reduce the user's operation and learning costs - when the China PCB show scheduling system is ready, you only need to press the start button to automatically work.

This product has been widely used in automotive China PCB show electronics, mobile phones, computer and computer peripheral products, household appliances, wireless, communication equipment and systems, system integration and automated warehousing logistics.

Laser navigation AGV

Adopting international advanced natural autonomous mobile navigation algorithm and 360 degree laser obstacle avoidance and multi-sensor security protection mechanism to ensure efficient and reliable China PCB show operation

Powerful robotic intelligent dispatch management system for multi-vehicle scheduling, seamlessly interface with ERP, MES, WMS systems

Provides portable programming tools to quickly control the portable deployment and application of China PCB show robots without the need for a retrofit environment.

The modularization of autonomous mobile functions helps to save time and increase efficiency, and combines a variety of China PCB show vehicles to adapt to changing application scenarios, helping customers to accelerate the transformation of production.

This product has been widely used in automotive China PCB show electronics, mobile phones, computer and computer peripheral products, household appliances, automation and industrial control electronics, service robots and drones, instrumentation, financial electronics, other surface mount technology and storage equipment.

SMT type AGV

The SMT-specific AGV is used to carry the Magazine frame and transport it to the designated upper or lower plate machine for alternate handling of empty and full Magazine frames. When it is docked with the China PCB show device, it adopts 2 positioning, which can ensure the docking accuracy of the device within 5mm.

This product has been widely used in automotive electronics, mobile phones, computer and computer peripheral products, aerospace and military electronics, automation and industrial control electronics, audio-visual and digital electronic products, instrumentation, new energy and China PCB show automation equipment.

The above products will be exhibited at NEPCON ASIA 2019

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