Laser processing is becoming the mainstream trend of future processing [electronic equipment China NEWS]

29 Jun 2019

Laser is a major invention of human beings since the 20th century, after atomic energy, computers, and semiconductors. It is called "the fastest knife", "the most accurate ruler", and "the brightest light." In recent years, domestic laser technology has developed rapidly and is increasingly used in electronic equipment China.

Laser processing technology is a new type of green advanced manufacturing technology. It has obvious advantages compared with traditional mechanical processing. Its processing method is carried out in a non-contact manner. The processing process has low energy consumption, high environmental protection efficiency, fast processing speed, low noise and thermal influence. Small, adaptable, can process ultra-high hardness, high brittleness, high melting point materials, and can realize automatic electronic equipment China control. It has obvious advantages in precision machining, complex structure processing, batch automatic production, etc. It is recognized as “the future manufacturing system”. Common processing methods."

On the NEPCON ASIA stage on August 28 this year, Suzhou Changfeng Laser Technology Co., Ltd., which specializes in laser processing, will bring us three PCB processing equipments - A+ high-speed laser code printer DQ-A+5100. Online laser coding machine DQ-FC460, four-axis dual working platform visual sub-board - RS500, bring you the advantages of laser processing.

Company Profile

Suzhou Changfeng Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in manufacturing electronic equipment China basic technology research, precision laser equipment development, laser supporting automation, and providing customers with high-end laser automation equipment custom development services.

Established Shanghai Lianlei Laser Technology Co., Ltd. together with "Hai Lai Technology" established in 1998 and photonics laser established in 2002, and registered Changfeng Laser Technology Co., Ltd. in 2017 to continue laser and automation R&D and manufacturing. , to provide customers with high-end custom-level technical electronic equipment China support.

This Changfeng laser brings two laser coders - A+ high-speed laser code machine DQ-A+5100 and laser online code machine DQ-FC460. These two professional PCB assembly line equipment can be combined with PCB upper and lower boards to form a separate electronic equipment China system, equipment integrated high-performance laser light source, industrial CCD camera, high-precision plate-type workbench, can achieve automatic positioning of code, accurate high-speed coding After reading the code, the code is rated. The professional software developed by Changfeng Laser can be connected to the customer's factory management system.

Four-axis double working platform visual splitting machine-RS500 adopts double working platform servo and screw drive, equipped with clear vision system and anti-static vacuum device, which can be applied to various shapes of PCB to help users achieve high-speed spindle cutting. Scanning barcode information can also interface with the customer's plant management system.

These three laser processing equipment can now be widely used in automotive electronics, mobile phones, computers and computer peripheral products, household appliances, wireless, communication equipment and systems, automation and industrial control electronic equipment China electronics, audio-visual and digital electronic products, medical electronics and equipment, instrumentation And other fields.

From left to right: laser online coding DQ-FC460, four-way working platform visual sub-board-RS500, A+ high-speed laser coding machine DQ-A+5100

The NEPCON ASIA 2019 is expected to bring together more than 500 domestic and international brands from the electronics manufacturing industry, covering SMT surface mount, solder and dispensing, electronic equipment China, testing and measurement, electronic materials, electronic micro-assembly and SiP processes, smart factories and Areas such as automation technology. The exhibition will be held in Shenzhen, China on August 28th this year. Changfeng Laser is looking forward to your visit.

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