Has “Million Robots Project” Been Successful?[SMT Exhibition news]

26 Jun 2019

Recently, Internet Weekly and the SMT Exhibition jointly released the "Top 50 of China's Technology Robotics List". Among them, Foxconn Industrial Internet Co., Ltd. topped the list.

In addition, the relatively familiar sweeping robot company Cobos, the world-renowned drone company DJI innovation ranked third and eighth respectively. The Foxconn Group is the first SMT Exhibition in China's technology robotics industry, which is unexpected, but it is reasonable.

As early as 2011, Guo Taiming had publicly stated that by 2014, Foxconn had to assemble 1 million robotic arms and complete the first batch of automated factories within five to ten years. This was Foxconn’s “Million Robot Project”.

So, now that eight years have passed, how is Foxconn’s “Million Robot Project” going?

As we all know, Foxconn, as a world-renowned 3C product SMT Exhibition foundry, has more than 30 technology industrial parks in mainland China, and has more than 200 subsidiaries and related institutions overseas.

In 2013, Foxconn's global workforce reached 1.2 million, and China's employees were close to 1 million. Since 2011, after Guo Taiming first proposed the “Million Robot Project”, Foxconn Group has been steadily achieving production automation.

According to the annual financial SMT Exhibition report released by Foxconn Group listed company “Industrial Fulian”: In 2013, the company's annual revenue was about 250 billion yuan, and the total number of employees worldwide exceeded 1.2 million.

By 2017, the company's annual revenue increased to 354.5 billion yuan, but the total number of employees did not increase, the total number of employees worldwide was about 988,000. In four years, the company's SMT Exhibition revenue has increased by more than 100 billion yuan, while the total number of employees has decreased by more than 200,000. This is the achievement of Foxconn's "Million Robot Project" in four years. (Employee data comes from the Foxconn Group Corporate Social Responsibility Report)

In 2017, Foxconn's factory has a news of 40,000 robots at a time. I believe everyone still remembers it. The industrial robot arm of this layout reduced the number of employees in the Kunshan SMT Exhibition factory by 60,000.

Foxconn ranks first among Chinese robotics companies. It does not rely on Foxconn's factories to use a large number of industrial robots. Foxconn itself has the ability to develop and produce industrial SMT Exhibition robots.

Since Guo Taiming announced Foxconn's “Million Robot Project”, Foxconn invested in a robotic industrial park in Shanxi Jincheng, independently developing and producing robots, and the robots produced by Foxconn are called “Foxbot”.

Previously, Dai Jiapeng, general manager of the Foxconn Automation Development Committee, said: Foxconn's current industrial robots have an annual production capacity of about 10,000 units, while Foxconn's automated production is divided into three steps:

  • The first is to replace some dangerous positions that human employees are not willing to engage in with SMT Exhibition robots.
  • Then automate the production of the entire production line
  • Finally, the automation of the entire SMT Exhibition plant is achieved, and only a small number of employees are responsible for supervision and daily management.

Up to now, Foxconn has successfully realized production line automation and factory automation in some factories in Chengdu, Shenzhen and Zhengzhou.

According to Foxconn's 2018 annual report: Foxconn and its subsidiaries currently have more than 80,000 robots, more than 1,600 SMT Exhibition production lines, more than 170,000 mold processing equipment, more than 5,000 test equipment, and third-party developers 3000. Multiple, more than 1000 apps. Leading the industry in industrial automation manufacturing in China.

In the automation of the entire SMT Exhibition plant, as of the end of 2018, Foxconn has successfully transformed a number of "light-off factories."

Taking Shenzhen's “light-off factory” as an example, the single production line has been reduced from 318 staff members to 38 staff members, with a reduction of nearly 90%, but the production efficiency has increased by 30% and the inventory cycle has decreased by 15%.

In 2018, Foxconn completed the transformation of the "light-off factory" to achieve a total revenue of 4.766 billion yuan, of which 18% increase in production capacity, 84% reduction in manpower consumption, 11% reduction in manufacturing costs per million revenue, lower SMT Exhibition management costs 8 %.

From the above series of data, it can be seen that Foxconn's "Million Robot Project", although far away from the assembly of 1 million robotic arms, but the first batch of automated SMT Exhibition factories have been completed, and Foxconn's current target is It is "to plan to achieve 30% automation rate in China by 2020".

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