New Chinese OEM Giant Rises: Annual Revenue of 40 Billion[SMT Exhibition news]

21 Jun 2019

China's local foundry companies are emerging, once known as the "aircraft carrier" of the global mobile phone manufacturing industry. Foxconn has also encountered many opponents in China SMT Exhibition, the most competitive of which is - BYD.

The popularity of smart phones not only drives the sales of mobile phone manufacturers, but also drives the manufacturing companies behind them. Generally speaking, we will think of Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, OPPO and vivo, and most of their mobile phones. It is manufactured and manufactured by Foxconn. As a world-renowned SMT Exhibition foundry, Foxconn can contract to cover most of the world's mobile phones.

It is currently the world's largest foundry company, not only serving the world's top well-known mobile phone manufacturers, but also With a huge scale, the outside world once called Foxconn the "aircraft carrier" of the global mobile phone manufacturing SMT Exhibition industry.

However, Foxconn has also encountered some troubles recently. On the one hand, China’s manufacturing costs have become higher, Foxconn has been eager to flee, and on the other hand, it has frustrated in Europe and the United States. It has been promised by the United States that Foxconn will pay $5 billion when it comes to the United States. In this case, Foxconn is also trying to return to the mainland. However, it is difficult to get back easily. Nowadays, Chinese OEMs are also emerging. Foxconn has encountered many SMT Exhibition opponents in China. The most competitive is - BYD.

Many people have heard that BYD will feel very familiar. The public's perception of BYD is all cars, but in fact, BYD has a high reputation in the fields of SMT Exhibition , IT, new energy and automobiles.

Back in the past, the car was only BYD's sideline. BYD was the first to make a battery, but the car is more familiar. According to BYD's 2018 financial report, BYD has achieved 130.05 billion yuan in revenue and auto industry revenue. Up to 80 billion, the revenue of the electronic foundry business has exceeded 40 billion, and its excellent achievements in the SMT Exhibition foundry can be seen. It can be said that BYD has become an invisible giant of domestic mobile phone OEMs, and many mobile phone manufacturers have cooperation such as Huawei. Xiaomi, Nokia, etc.

Early on, BYD’s earliest counterattack was in the late 1990s, when Japan monopolized all markets in the battery field. It can be said that it is the world’s leader in rechargeable batteries. In order to open the SMT Exhibition market, BYD has not hesitated to fight the price war. Pricing and quality products have won many well-known customers including Nokia, Motorola, Sony, etc., and directly broke the monopoly of Japan. Later, they used Foxconn's foundry model to gradually develop their own foundry industry, although later With the rise of SMT Exhibition smartphones, Nokia and Motorola have gradually declined, and BYD has once fallen into a trough.

Fortunately, BYD has been transforming at a later time. Now it has grown into one of the world's largest ODE and OEM suppliers. Its position in the field of mobile phone OEM is second only to Foxconn. Among the top ten mobile phone brands in the SMT Exhibition world, except Apple, Major customers include Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. More than half of the companies directly cooperate with BYD Electronics.

In the field of automobile manufacturing, BYD Auto has also become a household name. Today, BYD has become the second largest mobile phone foundry in the world after Foxconn, with an annual revenue of over 40 billion. It is another invisible giant in the domestic mobile phone industry. Although there is still no way to cooperate with the SMT Exhibition Foxconn wrench, with the development trend of 5G and artificial intelligence, BYD has also increased its annual R&D investment and started to build intelligent factories, super smart factories and unmanned workshops.

In fact, not only BYD has created opportunities for Chinese manufacturing, but also many domestic brands are also bringing more opportunities for Chinese manufacturing, such as STARDAY, which is a cross-border e-commerce service platform for Japan. Providing a quality shopping experience for Japanese SMT Exhibition consumers, opening up a new entrepreneurial path for entrepreneurs, and easily starting a business in Japan. In the future, nearly 1,000 STARDAY MART offline experience stores will be opened throughout Japan, allowing consumers to enjoy the ultimate offline shopping experience while shopping through mobile phones, creating an unexpected and ingenious experience for China.


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