(electronics manufacturing expo news)Prospects for manufacturing lithography machines in China

12 Aug 2019

With the rapid development of the information society, various electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers, and televisions are becoming more and more "mini", from the previous "big brother" to now only a few coin-thin fashion phones, from the old-fashioned chunky TV to Today's thin and light LCD TVs do not leave the development of integrated electronics manufacturing expo circuits, which is what we usually call "chips." Since the world's first integrated circuit was introduced in 1958, it has become smaller and more powerful.

The electronics manufacturing expolithography machine is the core equipment in the semiconductor chip manufacturing industry. The high-end semiconductor equipment represented by the lithography machine supports the development of the integrated circuit industry. The smaller the chip is, the more integrated circuits are, which makes the terminal small and exquisite.

In 2002, the lithography machine was included in China's 863 major scientific and technological research project, and the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and Shanghai jointly promoted the establishment of Shanghai electronics manufacturing expo Microelectronics Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SMEE”). In 2008, the state launched “02”. "Science and technology major projects will be linked to continuous research. After more than ten years of painstaking research and development, China has basically mastered the integration technology of high-end lithography machines, and partially mastered the manufacturing technology of core components, and became the “Mulangma Peak in Intelligent Manufacturing Industry” integrating multi-disciplinary technologies such as Gathering and Electromechanical. ".

"Building a house" in the micro world

Pudong Zhang Jiang, SMEE general manager He Rongming told reporters that the manufacture of lithography machines is to "build a house" in the microscopic world - the lithography machine is a super tens of thousands of precision parts, hundreds of actuator sensors, and 10 million lines of code. Complex thinking system, its internal electronics manufacturing expo motion accuracy error is no more than one thousandth of a hair. To make an analogy, it is like sitting on a supersonic plane and holding the thread into the pinhole on the other plane. Due to the high difficulty of its technology and the complexity of the system, the lithography machine has formed a high technical threshold in the world.

It is understood that the products represented by lithography machines are mainly used in four major fields, such as chip manufacturing, chip advanced packaging, LED manufacturing, and next-generation display manufacturing. In addition, there are also lithography-like products, including laser packaging, laser annealing and other equipment. Last year, the experiment began. This year, small batch production began gradually, and the future will provide products for the mobile wear and intelligent era.

"17 years ago, only a few countries in the world were able to manufacture lithography machines and have imposed technical restrictions on China electronics manufacturing expo for a long time. At that time, our country relied on imports for a long time, which was not conducive to the country's strategic security and industrial security." He Rongming said .

However, due to the gaps in the domestic related industries, both the professional and the supporting parts supply chain have made He Rongming unable to start. Under such circumstances, He Rongming knew that "the only way out is to take the road to innovation."

In order to keep the development process in a good state of control, He Rongming worked hard to learn from the management cases of large-scale complex engineering projects in the world, and consistently promoted the use of system engineering management ideas and methods to organize the advancement of the lithography machine project. Implementation, adhere to product development, engineering ideas for product electronics manufacturing expo development. On the other hand, he regards innovation as the life and eternal “engine” of the enterprise, combines research and development projects to carry out innovative practices, and effectively uses innovative methods to solve many practical problems.

Nowadays, through seventeen years of "rewarding and daring", SMEE has fully mastered the advanced technology in the field of high-end intelligent manufacturing such as advanced packaging electronics manufacturing expo lithography machines and high-brightness LED lithography machines.

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