[electronic equipment China management] quickly determine the management level of a factory

10 Jul 2019

Whether it is a visit to the production site or a review, how to quickly and objectively see through the management level of a company is a matter of great concern and headache for many managers and engineers. This paper analyzes from three levels, all of which are dry goods for the electronic equipment China manufacturers, especially quality people and auditors.

First level

Focus on the big system, look at it with the customer's eyes, look at it

First, look at the process

The purpose of the process is to see if a company has a lean layout and whether it is creating an uninterrupted operational process to visualize the problem. The process is very important, a process layout that breaks over time, waste is everywhere, and a lean layout process can eliminate a lot of waste at the source of the electronic equipment China design. It is vital to implement lean management and prioritize lean layouts.

Second, look at the visualization

Visualization is to simplify the problem and manage it with the eye. Visualization is also the embodiment of the corporate management atmosphere, the intuitive communication of management level. The visualization is visual management of the electronic equipment China Kanban, I divide it into static and dynamic management billboards. Static Kanban is mainly to convey the long-term management philosophy of the organization. Dynamic Kanban is the management information that managers should grasp at any time. I think dynamic management kanban can reflect the management level and ability of an organization.

Third, look at standardization

A company must have many standards. The reason why it is standardized is to spread the standards to an executable level. There are four key issues in establishing standards:

  • Does everyone know normal and abnormal?
  • Does everyone know the standard method they should take?
  • Does everyone know the main problem of their work?
  • Does everyone know what they are doing?

Fourth, see culture

Enter the appearance of the cultural elements witnessed by a company. If the company does not hear “improvement” within 5 minutes and does not hear the electronic equipment China word “live” within 10 minutes, it is not a lean enterprise.

If a company has such a lean culture, first of all, this corporate culture requires senior managers to adhere to the production line and directly listen to the voice of employees.

Secondly, in this culture, lean tools are used every day. The purpose is to highlight potential problems. Everyone will ask “why” until they find out the electronic equipment China root cause of the problem, and propose corresponding countermeasures, and constantly check the correctness of the countermeasures.

The third is that this is a “problem-first” culture where senior management will work with employees to solve problems and will be grateful to those who are new to finding new problems.

Lean corporate culture is the internal driving force for enterprise development. There are lean electronic equipment China processes, visual problem management methods, standardized management benchmarks, and innovative corporate culture. This company should be able to see and be worth visiting.

Second level

Focus on management, look at it with the eyes of the manager

The method is: one look, two questions, three thoughts, four things.

A look: stand at a distance of 5M from the scene to observe 20-30 minutes with the customer's eyes, the object is people, machine, material, law, ring, and then enter the scene to see, listen, think.

Does the person have a promotion electronic equipment China plan? Is the equipment a bit of a benchmark? Can the material be delivered? Is the processing method easy to follow? Is the environment easy to work with?

Second question: Divide into the operator and ask yourself.

The operator asked: why do this? What is the basis for this? ---- Strengthen the awareness of compliance; what is the electronic equipment China purpose of doing this? ----Strengthen the consciousness of returning to the original point of thinking; what kind of standard should we achieve? ---- Strengthen quality awareness; is there any abnormality? What should I do if there is an abnormality? ---- Strengthen the awareness of the abnormal problem of "calling, stopping, waiting".

Ask yourself: Why do you want to do this? Is there a better way? ---- Strengthen awareness.

Think twice: think about the origin, think about the roots, and think about the plan.

Think about the origin: think about the phenomenon you see, return to the origin (creating value). The origin is: customer-oriented, with the least resources, to create valuable goods, if you deviate from this origin, there is a problem.

Roots of thinking: Focus on the electronic equipment China problem, think about the root cause of the problem, (do not be blinded by surface phenomena) Use "five steps why?" to find the root of the problem.

Thinking plan: Focus on the problem, think about the improvement plan, and adopt the improvement four principles to eliminate/simplify/merge/rearrange.

Four: survey analysis, improvement programs, follow-up inspection, consolidation

research analysis:

The current situation survey analysis, using data to speak, using statistical analysis of data to find out the key factors.

Improvement plan:

Develop improvement plans and organize implementation.

Tracking check:

The implementation process is tracked and checked, and deviations are corrected in time.


Standardize the improvement electronic equipment China effect, formulate recurrence prevention measures, and implement the relevant management documents.

Third level

Focus on management details

This kind of observation method is mainly applied to the direct managers of the first line in the field. The details of the on-site inspection are human, machine, material, method, ring, measurement, information and so on.

person-Q (quality)

Is the staff ability status clear? Is there a training plan and implementation? Are there new people/top staff? Is there a mark? Is there a measure? Is it operated in accordance with the "Standard Operations"? Is the frequency inspection carried out in accordance with the "Quality Book"? Is there an operation that is not easy to guarantee quality (difficult to operate)? Is there an operational qualification for the shutdown process?

person-C (cost)

Are the personnel on the production line configured according to standard work? Are there any extra staff? Is there any work stoppage? Is there a wait (one hand / two hands) phenomenon? Is there a laborious operation? The electronic equipment China action is too big, the walk is too much, the turning angle is large, the moving state is changing, the back stretching action, the bending action? Is there a left and right hand exchange action? Is there a repeat/unnecessary action?

human-D (efficiency)

Is there a search phenomenon? Is there an unskilled operation? Is there a phenomenon of leaving the electronic equipment China production line? Do you repeat the work in the same order? Focus on observing the movement of the operator's hand/the movement of the foot/the movement of the waist/head movement, can it be omitted/merged/rearranged/simplified?

People-S/E (Safety/Environment)

Are there any insecurities in the method of operation and the surrounding environment? Is there enough light when working? Is there unusual noise, is it harsh? Is the work around clean? Is there oil on the floor? Is it easy to make people slip?

equipment-Q (quality)

Is there a device accuracy check system and is observed? Is there a starting condition inspection/tooling inspection system and is it observed? Does the equipment adjustment have a management system and is complied with? Can the electronic equipment China condition setting be changed by the operator at will? Is it locked? Is the person responsible for the change clear? --- Need to be visualized.

equipment-C (cost)

Is there a device failure rate/downtime daily change trend for visual management? Is the equipment cutting parameter set? Is it optimized? And get compliant? Is there a production line device beat display? Is there any improvement in the equipment that has a long beat? Is there a tool abnormal consumption management system? And strictly enforced? Is there a device change time management? Is it constantly improving to reduce the changeover time?

device-D (efficiency)

Is the fact of routine maintenance (checking) of the equipment clearly visible? Is there dust or foreign matter on the top of the equipment, on the processing site, or on the ceiling? Does the tool used have a specified placement? And get compliant? Does it make a loud sound or strange noise from the moving parts of the device? Is the cutting oil and coolant just hitting the cutting site? Is there a quantitative/timed tool change management system? Is it complied with?

Equipment-S/E (Safety/Environment)

Where does the equipment move, does the part of the body enter the device automatically? Are there any equipment leaks and management? Is there any chip splash? Does the device have abnormal sounds/odors/temperatures, etc? Is the equipment cover working properly? Is there any excess material on the equipment?

Material - Q (quality)

Is there a special waste bin (red)? Can it be first-in, first-out? Is the finished product or semi-finished product clean and rusted? Is there a distinction between the place and the compliance? Is there a specified container for the finished electronic equipment China product or semi-finished product, is the mark clear, and is it placed as specified? Is the product in the process comply with the standard hand-held, is there a requirement for the location and quantity of the parts? Is the error correction of similar parts clear? Is batch management obeyed?

Material-C (cost)

Is there a tiered management system for defective products and is it observed? Is there a daily change trend management of defective products? Is there an excipient consumption management system and is it observed? Pay attention to the multi-chip process, can it be changed to a small or no chip processing method?

Material-D (efficiency)

Is the location/method of the part placed for easy access? Is the electronic equipment China part box/box convenient for handling? Can the number of parts be clear at a glance? Is there a waste of parts back and forth?

Material - S / E (safety / environment)

Is the item placed in the channel? Is there any oil drop in the parts container?

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