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28 Jul 2019

“10 years ago, there were hundreds of mobile phone companies in China, but with the increasing concentration of the mobile phone industry, the semiconductor industry will only have giants left, and the road to breakout must occupy the high-end market.” Wang Yanhui, secretary general of China Semiconductor electronics manufacturing expo Investment Alliance Say. Many industry insiders believe that in the era of mobile intelligence, the demand for chips is more dispersed, and the domestic semiconductor industry has ushered in new opportunities.

Opportunity: 5G diversified applications are no longer controlled by a few vendors

When it comes to the development of semiconductors, it is impossible to circumvent the famous "Moore's Law", which was proposed by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, meaning that the number of electronics manufacturing expo components that can be accommodated on an integrated circuit will be every 18 to 24 months. Doubled and performance doubled.

How far can Moore's Law go? Jiang Shangyi, the chief executive of CTO and Wuhan Hongxin, told the Nanfang Daily that the semiconductor industry environment has undergone tremendous changes in the past two years. Moore's Law is close to the physical limit, and the speed of innovation will be no longer the same. The electronics manufacturing expo system design has not changed much in the past 40 or 50 years. The development of circuit board and packaging technology is much behind that of the chip. Now the chip density exceeds 1 million times in the two-dimensional space. In packaging and board, it must be solved with advanced packaging technology."

On the other hand, he believes that products and application scenarios using advanced technology are becoming less and less. According to electronics manufacturing expo statistics, the use of advanced technology requires 500-100 million US dollars, and sales of more than 500 million yuan are likely to recover investment, but on the move. In the era of intelligence, the requirements for chips vary, and the variety and quantity are not necessarily large.

In this regard, Wang Huilian, director and general manager of Xiamen Semiconductor Investment Group Co., Ltd., also believes that the semiconductor industry has developed along the trend of Moore's Law in the past, but in the electronics manufacturing expo 5G era, the application scenarios will be very scattered, and the application of scale will bring semiconductors. The cost of the product has risen sharply.

However, the multi-application market has also triggered new business opportunities. "In the past, the main chips were in the hands of a few suppliers. In recent years, diversified applications require different chips. The demand for chips is more diversified, and the market will no longer be in the hands of a few manufacturers." Jiang Shangyi In the presentation to Integrated Systems, it was pointed out that in the post-Moore's Law era, new integrated systems could be re-integrated through advanced packaging and board technology to dramatically improve performance.

He believes that there are still many problems behind the wafer fabs that are blooming everywhere, including the lack of self-supply capacity of local foundry workers. China's advanced processes below 28nm are seriously inadequate. It now appears that the differentiated competition and process iteration of the featured process will bring opportunities to local manufacturers. He suggested that for the development of China's semiconductor industry, the first is to establish three complete ecological electronics manufacturing expo environments, which are aimed at high-performance, low-energy, and consumer products. Second, accelerate the layout of the post-Moore era and develop integrated system technologies. And the overall ecological environment required for construction.

Breakthrough: moving towards high-end industries

The revolution in the semiconductor industry has also brought about a reshuffle of the industry. Wang Yanhui, secretary-general of China Semiconductor electronics manufacturing expo Investment Alliance, said that there were hundreds of mobile phone brands more than 10 years ago, but now there are only a few head enterprises such as Huawei, Xiaomi and OV, which is almost a microcosm of the development of the semiconductor industry. There are more than 3,000 design companies, but in the future there will be only a few head enterprises left, and they will break out of the high-end industry.

Ding Wenwu, president of the National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund, also said that the current capital is more invested in IC design, and less investment in high-end chips. Some short-board fields, such as equipment and materials, support such as CPU and DSP. Strategic high-end chip areas such as FPGA and MEMS. He admits that although strategic high-end electronics manufacturing expo chip investment returns will be long, companies must be able to withstand loneliness.

“Half of the sales of design companies is less than 10 million, and the scale of output value is relatively small. In contrast, the international trend is getting bigger and bigger, and gradually building up their own ecology.” The former director of the Department of Electronic Information of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the co-president of the current Ziguang Group, Shi Shijing believes On the one hand, enterprises must work together to avoid electronics manufacturing expo duplication of work when they build an ecosystem. Otherwise, they will easily fall into the trap of “the things are not done, and the whole scope is broken.” On the other hand, enterprises avoid the competition and the Red Sea is going to the high end. breakthrough.

Sun Yuwang, founding partner and president of SMIC Juyuan Capital, has released a set of data: At present, the localization rate of equipment in the semiconductor industry is around 9%, the material is less than 20%, and the self-sufficiency rate of the chip is 25%. Among the entire industry chain, the most missing aspects of domestic electronics manufacturing expo production are equipment, materials, high-end chips and processes.

But high-end breakthroughs are equally difficult. At present, some developed countries have built a complete innovation system in the past 70 years and formed their own intellectual property system. If Chinese enterprises want to achieve the leading position in the high-end market, there are still many invisible thresholds, but the integrated circuit industry involves industrial electronics manufacturing expo security. It is almost a dilemma for Chinese companies to have no retreat.

Therefore, the problem of solving patents is imminent. During the summit, a number of representative enterprises and institutions of semiconductor industry, academia and research institutes jointly launched the “Xiamen ‘One Belt, One Road’ semiconductor intellectual electronics manufacturing expo property alliance”. Wang Yanhui said that due to historical reasons, many semiconductor-related enterprises lack high-value intellectual property reserves, and the establishment of the alliance will provide innovative intellectual property operations, transaction network construction, results transformation, industry risk warning and response services for the semiconductor industry.

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