Will the mobile phone completely replace the walkie-talkie?[electronics manufacturing expo topic]

12 Jul 2019

5G is the "main dish" of the World Mobile Congress. But in fact, in addition to 5G, there are many technologies that seem to be "small dishes", which are igniting the shock of the mobile phone and communication equipment market. Just like a mobile phone integrated camera, nowadays, except for professional shooting, no one will take the camera out again, the consumer camera disappears; when the mobile phone integrates the speaker, no one will have an MP3 on the waist, and the music player disappears. Now the mobile phone will integrate the electronics manufacturing expo "intercom". On June 26th, OPPO demonstrated "no network communication technology" in MWC19 Shanghai, which can realize OPPO between 3000 meters without cellular network, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Text, voice transmission and even voice calls. Will the walkie-talkie still exist in the future? Is the operator's cheese cut off again? What new variables will this bring to the mobile phone market in the upgrade?

No network communication = walkie-talkie?

OPPO demonstrated this electronics manufacturing expo technology on MWC19 Shanghai on the 26th, and after the announcement, the social circle began to talk differently. Some netizens said, "Operators, they have no sleep tonight, because they will never think of it. The mobile phone can one day bypass their base stations and set up a local area communication."

What is "no network communication technology"? That is, in the absence of a electronics manufacturing expo communication network (including cellular network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.), the mobile phone can be turned into a walkie-talkie, and the two-to-two call can be made point-to-point or form a small-scale local area network to send text, voice or call.

At present, OPPO has not released more technical details. "China Electronics News" reporter contacted OPPO senior public relations electronics manufacturing expo manager Yue Wentao hopes to obtain more technical details. Yue Wentao said that the specific technical details are not yet easy to announce. This technology is only a supplement to the full scene communication, and meets the communication needs in the extreme environment of sporadic, such as no signal in the field, such as the number of people on the live concert site. Under the scene. The long-term vision can be applied to links between IoT devices.

From the information published by OPPO's official Weibo, it is a custom communication chip module that can improve the acceptance sensitivity and expand the communication distance. As long as there is no cellular electronics manufacturing expo network, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth within 3km, you can still use your mobile phone to send messages, voices, and calls.

Chen Teng, senior analyst of CCID Consulting's Information and Communication Industry Research Center, said in an interview with China Electronics News that OPPO should adopt a customized electronics manufacturing expo communication chipset that supports spread spectrum modulation and demodulation technology. Independent of the wireless network, in the 3000-meter area, text and voice communication can be realized between devices and devices through wireless networks such as cellular networks and WiFi. And the device can be a one-to-many network to achieve group chat. Enhanced by signal relay, the coverage can theoretically exceed 3,000 meters.

"From the technical highlights, one is not relying on wireless networks. The second is decentralization. Peer-to-peer information transmission can be implemented without the electronics manufacturing expo service provider or operator. It greatly eliminates users' concerns about privacy leakage." Teng said that compared with WiFi, Bluetooth and other technologies, the breakthrough value: First, the coverage is wide. OPPO's networkless communication technology can cover a wide range of devices within 3000 meters. WiFi only supports a communication range with a radius of several tens of meters; Bluetooth can only cover a communication range with a radius of about 10 meters. The second is free networking. OPPO devices can be freely networked and support electronics manufacturing expo one-to-many networking. WiFi cannot be freely networked and the expansion space is limited; Bluetooth can only be a pair of networks, not one-to-many. Third, the cost is low.

OPPO real-time no-network communication does not require additional auxiliary equipment, and two OPPO equipments can be directly connected. WiFi requires fiber-optic transmission network support. Setting up WiFi also requires supporting AP/router and separate network card, resulting in higher WiFi deployment and operation costs. Fourth, the power consumption is low. OPPO networkless communication technology consumes low electronics manufacturing expo electrodes, especially when the mobile phone is automatically turned off, the residual power of the battery can support the device to continue to monitor the channel for more than 72 hours. The disadvantage of high power consumption of WiFi is obvious. WiFi uses 2 hours and consumes 450mAh, which is equivalent to more than 10% of the battery of the mobile phone.

“3000 meters is a hard indicator for OPPO to surpass other competitors.” According to Chen Teng, in the field of wireless communication technology, both Apple and have their own products. Apple developed Airdrop based on the Multipeer Connectivity framework. has share, and both products can implement electronics manufacturing expo file transfer between devices without the cellular network. However, Apple and have a transmission distance of no more than 10 meters and do not have a call function. Only OPPO can cover 3,000 meters of networkless communication.

How much spillover benefit?

Whenever there is no network communication technology, people think of the "interphone", so when the technology comes out, the first one to be benchmarked is the "walkie-talkie" market. The classification of walkie-talkies is generally divided into four categories: public walkie-talkie, professional walkie-talkie, non-central electronics manufacturing expo self-cluster system, and cluster system. . In 2018, the scale of China's private network communication market is about 10.34 billion yuan. It is roughly estimated that the size of the electronics manufacturing expo walkie-talkie market is within one billion.

But in fact, if no network communication technology can be consumerized, its market is not only the size of the present, it will become the new competitive focus of the mobile phone market will become a new selling point of mobile phones. The spillover effect of new technologies is often difficult to measure with 1+1 equal to 2. Just like 's mobile phone camera, because of its unique glue technology, it can still be activated at very low temperatures, and it can directly PK off the electronics manufacturing expo problem that Apple is not resistant to low temperature and low temperature, and wins the huge demand for photography. By. "This technology adds a very practical small feature to the OPPO phone. Given the current uniqueness of the technology, the product 'lock-in effect' can attract more new users while adding user stickiness to the OPPO," said Chen Teng.

So, what is the use of the 3,000-meter non-communication network? Which types of consumers will you first attract? Chen Teng said that there are four major categories: First, emergency communications. In areas with remote cellular signals, such as remote mountainous areas or no-man's land, there are often lost explorers waiting for rescue. If the networkless communication technology can cover the radius of 3000 meters in this case, the rescue efficiency of the rescue personnel can be effectively improved. The second electronics manufacturing expo is security and confidentiality. In the confidential departments, such as intelligence agencies, in order to ensure information security, the use of shielding cellular networks is usually used to cut off contact with the outside world. The 3000 m networkless communication guarantees the basic communication needs between the internal staff of the area. The third is foreign tourism.

Due to the different communication frequencies adopted by telecom operators in different countries and regions, the mobile phones of tourists who travel abroad cannot access the local cellular network. The networkless communication technology can effectively alleviate communication problems between peers in a networkless environment. The fourth is weak signal communication. Large-scale shopping centers, underground garages and other places with many obstacles and weak cellular signals can be used to solve communication problems with peers. In fact, small selling points often contain big changes. In recent years, the rise of many mobile phone electronics manufacturing expo manufacturers in China is because a certain function has the "killer" competitiveness, such as taking pictures, such as high-quality sound effects, such as batteries, and thus rises. In 2017, "China Electronics News" reporter interviewed Quan Guixian, president of Samsung Greater China in Guangzhou, and talked about the strategy of Samsung mobile phone in China. He said that Chinese mobile phone manufacturers have many references and inspirations in the electronics manufacturing expo market. Things, such as taking the camera function well, can win a large number of consumers. According to the data, in the 2018, the top three mobile phone shipments in the Chinese market were OPPOVIVO , and the top three revenues were: Apple, , and OPPO. Some commentators said that OPPO won the market because its night shot is the first in the industry, and charging is also the first in the industry.

A few days ago, Zhou Hongyi, chairman of the 360 ​​Group, revealed that every time he went to the United States to see the exhibition, he preferred to see the small manufacturers booth, because there are many new electronics manufacturing expo technologies and new ideas from 0 to 1, and these things will bring him industry. Inspiration, it is these new technologies and new ideas that are likely to bring about changes in the entire industry in the future.

Whose cheese will be passive?

When the reporter mentioned that he wanted to know more details and business intentions of “no network communication technology”, the relevant person in charge of OPPO gave a low-key expression: “The exhibition only shows a technical electronics manufacturing expo research we have done, and there is no application yet. And the plan, even if applied one day, must meet the requirements of national compliance."

OPPO has given such a low-key response, perhaps because it is worried that it has not been commercialized, it will disturb the regulatory parties and affect its commercialization process.

But the netizens on the network have been unable to sit still for the electronics manufacturing expo operators: because it is very practical, "you can say goodbye to the walkie-talkie", "and this technology can be applied to various smart devices", "the operator may not let This kind of function of the mobile phone into the network, "very worried about moving the cake of vested interests." However, Chen Teng said that the technology does not rely on the communication function of the operator service between the devices, and basically does not affect the electronics manufacturing expo operator's call service business. However, since OPPO's networkless communication range is limited to 3 kilometers, it will only be used in certain specific scenarios, such as campus and factory area. The limitation of the audience surface leads to the limited impact of OPPO networkless communication on the operator's business.

Today's mobile phone is like a huge magnet. It is integrating more and more electronics manufacturing expo devices and more and more functions. The pager disappears, the consumer camera disappears, the MP3 disappears, and now the walkie-talkie device is in jeopardy. The next one will be replaced. Who will be the equipment?

"Laser virtual keyboard and holographic projection may be the next object to be integrated." Chen Teng said that from the current function of the flagship mobile phone integration, it has fully met the daily needs of users. From the long-term demand analysis of electronics manufacturing expo technology, the current mobile phone has a small virtual keyboard size and a small user-friendly problem. How to reduce the size and low power consumption of the laser virtual keyboard transmitter in the future is worthy of attention. In addition, the mobile video two-dimensional image upgrade holographic projection may be the direction of future technology exploration.

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