Nov.6th-8th, 2024
Shenzhen World (Bao’an)


October 11-13,2023 | Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Baoan)

NEPCON ASIA is a well-known professional exhibition for the electronics manufacturing industry in Asia.

NEPCON ASIA 2022 will take "PCBA & IC Packaging" as its innovative concept, linking the same period of multiple exhibitions covering electronic components, PCBA process, intelligent manufacturing, EMS services, semiconductor packaging, Mini LED, automotive, touch screen, medical, and other related domestic and international equipment new products and advanced technology solutions. The exhibition will bring efficient procurement and cross-border communication for electronics, automotive, new energy, medical, optoelectronics, and other enterprises, and provide a one-stop experience of the prosperity of the Asian electronics industry smart manufacturing market.

The exhibition will bring together 1,200 companies and brands to showcase PCBA world premiere new products, including surface mount (SMT), dispensing and coating, test and measurement, semiconductor packaging and testing, smart factory and automation, electronic manufacturing services (EMS), electronic components and materials, etc. Combined with multiple exhibitions in the same period, the show is expected to attract 100,000 purchasing decision-makers from the fields of consumer electronics, home appliances, industrial control, communication and telecommunications, automotive, new energy, medical, optoelectronics, etc. to visit the show to implement purchasing plans, industry visits, and technical exchanges. During the same period, 50 cross-border and cross-boundary events will be held, covering 3C, 5G, home appliances, communications, industrial internet, smart manufacturing, automotive, IOT, AR/VR, new energy, medical, optoelectronics, and other hot topics, innovatively creating diversified domestic and foreign business-matching social opportunities and capturing Asian cross-border business network in one event.

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Exhibition Highlights

Gathering of famous brands from home and abroad

Gathering of well-known brands in the electronics manufacturing industry, innovative technologies, and advanced equipment demonstrations are not to be missed.

The whole industry chain of electronic manufacturing is wonderfully presented

In addition to surface mount, NEPCON ASIA site will cover test and measurement, soldering and dispensing coating, anti-static, electronics manufacturing services, machine vision, tooling and robotics, smart factory, automotive electronics, and other fields.

New products and technologies to be released first

Exhibitors and brands will showcase first-launched new products and cutting-edge new processes on site.

A platform for industry professionals to communicate and exchange ideas

Consumer electronics, industrial control, automotive electronics, communication, new energy, smart city, and medical electronics industry professionals to participate, share the classic practices, discuss the sector’s hot topics.

Advance understanding and update industry knowledge and skills

Multi-form industry training, certification courses, and activities are conducted at the same time to enhance your competitive advantage.

Diversified Business Match-Making Services

We make NEPCON ASIA a more productive business environment. To help you enhance your business contacts, we've created a full range of pre-, in- and post-show business matching services. You can make the most out of these services:

  • Personalized recommendations to easily discover relevant exhibitors and products
  • Tools to help you save time in preparation for your visit
  • Structured events at the show to help you expand your network