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October 11-13,2023 | Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Baoan)

NEPCON ASIA gathers Asian buyers from multiple sectors, including electronics manufacturing, semiconductor packaging and testing, display technology, automobile manufacturing, etc., to help PCBA solution suppliers to expand their domestic and overseas business, discover cross-industry business opportunities and increase brand value to become industry leaders.

NEPCON ASIA is a well-known professional exhibition for the electronics manufacturing industry in Asia.

NEPCON ASIA 2023 will take "Crossover + Core + Smart Manufacturing" as its innovative concept, through the electronic components, PCBA process, intelligent manufacturing, EMS services, semiconductor packaging and testing, and other related domestic and international equipment and advanced technology solutions showcase, and the same period of multi-show linkage, bringing electronics, industrial control, touch screen, automotive, new energy, medical, optoelectronics, and other fields. The exhibition will bring cross-border business opportunities in the fields of electronics, industrial control, touch panel, automotive, new energy, medical, optoelectronics, etc., and promote new vitality to the electronics industry in Asia.

The exhibition will bring together 1,200 companies and brands to showcase the world's first PCBA products, including surface mount (SMT), dispensing and coating, test and measurement, smart factory and automation, electronic manufacturing services (EMS), electronic components, semiconductor packaging and testing, and other exhibition areas. It is expected to communicate and negotiate with 60,000 visitors from consumer electronics, home appliances, industrial control, communication and telecommunications, and other fields of purchasing decision makers. Together with multiple exhibitions in the same period, it will also attract more than 40,000 new visitors from touch screen, automotive, new energy, medical, etc. 50 multinational and cross-border events will be held in the same period, covering 3C, 5G, home appliances, communications, industrial Internet, smart manufacturing, automotive, Internet of Things, AR/VR, new energy, medical, optoelectronics and other hot topics, innovatively creating diversified domestic and foreign business-matching social opportunities, serving as a one-stop event for Asia cross-border business network.

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Exhibit value

A platform to enter the dynamic market of China and Asia and meet with high-quality professionals

South China has become a dynamic and highly visible electronics manufacturing base in China and Asia where industry players from around the world gather to learn new technologies and network with industry electronics manufacturers. Together with the eight exhibitions in the same period, we strive to build a platform for the whole industry chain of electronics manufacturing covering components, placement, automated assembly, test and measurement, electronics manufacturing services, automotive electronics and manufacturing, film and tape, commercial display, touch screen, etc., These sectors provide electronics manufacturing solutions for industries such as panel touch screen, industrial control, communication, automotive, new energy, smart city, consumer electronics, etc., and meet the one-stop needs of electronics manufacturing enterprises. Expanded procurement needs.

Intensive audience promotion and publicity campaigns to expand your return on investment

A series of marketing activities such as series of advertising promotions, direct mail system, public relations activities, year-round website, VIP and VIP buyer hospitality program, e-newsletter, online advertising (Baidu, WeChat Friend Circle, Today's Headlines, ShakeYin, Racer, Video Number, Google, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.) will be conducted before and during the show, thus providing you with a complete platform to enter the China market.

Professional business matching to create a more productive business environment

The organiser provides diversified business-matching services for exhibitors, through email, WeChat, and NEPCON APP for exhibitor recommendation. TAP on-site for one-to-one matching meetings, on-site business matching tours, match-me booth recommendations, etc., which makes it very easy for buyers to get to know you, contact you, and meet you at the show.

In addition, for overseas visitors, we will match exhibitors with overseas buyers who have purchasing needs through video conversations such as Teams and Tencent, helping exhibitors to conduct accurate and effective business communication online, and helping them to steadily develop international influence and market share.

Relying on a large number of global resources to ensure that you communicate with more overseas professional buyers

The organiser has abundant overseas resources and channels, covering key electronic industry clusters in Southeast Asia, sharing global industry information, reaching out to target markets in various countries, and guaranteeing more professional overseas buyers with high purchasing power and intentions to visit and negotiate online and on site.

Global industry events to set the industry brand benchmark

Cross-border seminars happening at the same time will discuss a series of key topics such as 5G, industrial internet, new infrastructure, smart manufacturing, etc. to help you understand the trend of Asian electronics industry, gain new business opportunities, and effectively develop your business network.