November 6th-8th 2024
Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Baoan)

Smart Factory & Automation Technology Expo 2024

The Smart Factory and Automation Technology Expo (S-FACTORY EXPO) is situated in the Greater Bay Area and extends its influence across Asia. It offers a comprehensive showcase of advanced automation solutions and accessories with a precise focus on four major manufactory industries: electronic, automobile, display, and new materials.

The exhibition aims to cultivate buyers in four high-growth industries- automotive electronics, new energy lithium battery electronic control, semiconductor packaging and testing, and photovoltaic/energy storage inverters, promoting the upgrading and transformation of the manufacturing sector.

Exhibition Highlights

Accurately targets four major application industries to expand new business opportunities within the industry

Year-round industry information coverage to meet procurement needs

Expansion of a new international business platform  

High-quality programs create great platform for sharing and exchanging ideas

Tour the Lighthouse Factory and learn from first-class smart factories