Nov.6th-8th, 2024
Shenzhen World (Bao’an)

Dear Exhibitors,

Welcome to NEPCON Asia 2022, the exhibition for the electronics manufacturing equipment and microelectronics industry in Asia.

The following exhibitor manual contains detailed information about the show, rules and regulations, and related materials that will help your company's pre-show preparations run smoothly.


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1. Exhibition Information (Hall 1 / Hall 2)

1.1 Exhibition Name

1.2 Exhibition Hall

1.3 Exhibition Dates and Hours

1.4 Organizing Committee

1.5 Security and Safety

1.6 Hotel Accommodation

1.7 Visa Invitation Letter

1.8 Admission Information

(a) Exhibitors

(b) Visitors

(c) Builders

1.9 Communication Facilities

1.10 Business Centre

1.11 Product / Brochure Translation Instructions

1.12 Technical data of the exhibition hall

1.13 Basic Facilities for Exhibition Stands

(a) Standard booths

(b) Upgrade Booth

1.14 Booth Facilities

(a) Standard booth

(b) Upgraded booths

1.15 Catering

2. Exhibitors' Rules and Regulations (Hall 1 / Hall 2)

2.1 Contract Compliance

2.2 China Show Rules

2.3 Booth Operation Management

2.4 Freight work in the pavilion

2.5 Customs Clearance

2.6 Local Delivery

2.7 Booth Rental Fees

2.8 Material Storage and Waste Arrangement

2.9 Delivery and removal of exhibits

2.10 Inspection of materials

2.11 Venue announcement

2.12 Use of pressure plates

2.13 Industrial gas

2.14 Booth Cleaning

2.15 Exhibit Demonstration and Promotion Activities

2.16 Volume of Sound

2.17 Exhibit Furniture

2.18 Booth construction precautions

2.19 Electrical Installation

2.20 Air Compressor

2.21 Air Conditioning System

2.22 Photography and Photo-taking

2.23 Fire Prevention Measures

2.24 Liability and Risk

2.25 Damage to the exhibition hall

2.26 Ownership of the Exhibition Hall

2.27 Removal Instructions


Service Form Submission Period:

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In order for you to better prepare for the show and avoid paying the expedited fee for late orders, please be aware of the form submission deadline and submit your required forms on time.