November 6th-8th 2024
Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Baoan)

Grand Gala of NEPCON China in the Spring of 2021 Heralding

New Dawn for Electronics Manufacturing

“Three decades came to pass like flickering shadows, yet the original aspiration remains un-waning.” The 30th Presentation of NEPCON Microelectronics China 2021 will be held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Centre from 21st to 23rd April, 2021. By enduring the test time and triumphant over many challenges with unremitting determination over the past three decades, NEPCON China has come to be recognised as the standard bearer for resurgence and rejuvenation of the electronics manufacturing industry. NEPCON China prides itself in constantly seeking out greater opportunity for the industry, and it has evolved into a most influential high-end platform and prominent showcase of quality for the electronics manufacturing industry in this country.

With tenacity and dynamic vitality, the electronics manufacturing industry is now in a winning outlook to herald the dawn of recovery after overcoming particularly tough challenges in 2020. April is amidst the warming springtime with burgeoning blossoms, it is a season of hope and revitalisation. Hence there is great expectation for NEPCON China 2021 to mark the beginning of a thriving and prosperous New Year with this grand gala event. Let the moving melody of spring season resound and rejoice for new promises and bright prospects for the electronics manufacturing industry!

▲ The jam-packed Panasonic Pavilion in the previous NEPCON show

▶ Resound and Rejoice 1: The Spring Season Marks a New Beginning; The Annual Gala for Electronics Manufacturing Assumes the Onerous Undertaking of Setting the Industry on a Smooth Sailing Course

As a premier showcase event for the electronics manufacturing industry dedicated to PCBA fabrication, NEPCON China has come a long way in thirty years by perfecting its professional expertise to successfully facilitate the rapid growth of thousands of domestic and international electronics manufacturers, whilst bringing almost a million professional visitors to our events for exchange and interaction. Our show attendance figures, the pre-eminence of the seminar speakers, the quality of the activities and so on are continually commanding new heights, which also serve the important purpose as far-reaching empowerment for the industry.

Bearing great onus for the industry, NEPCON China will expect to break new grounds with the breadth and depth and highlight features of the showcase in 2021. During this upcoming annual occasion, around 700 globally leading specialist equipment vendors and brands for the electronics manufacturing industry will descend upon the great metropolis of light and fashion, with exhibits covering a whole gamut of PCBA fabrication, specialised equipment for 3C automation, and technical solutions. Numerous renowned SMT brands have confirmed their participation in NEPCON China 2021, and the following is a partial list of SMT and related exhibiting firms:


◆ Soldering & Adhesive Dispensing: BTU, HELLER, REHM, TAMURA, SUNEAST, JT, Entech, HHA.

◆ Testing & Measurement: OMRON, Keysight, Koh Young, Parmi, Pemtron, Teradyne, TRI, KIC, Magic Ray, TR.

◆ Franchise Agency: WKK, First Technology, Meiya, Gallant Tech, Accu-Tech.

Many large contingents of exhibitors will be taking part in NEPCON China 2021. They will conduct exchanges and offer services for procurement matching and business study tour for an expected influx in 50,000 high calibre industry representatives from such sectors as consumer electronics, automotive electronics, telecommunication, industrial control and so forth, bringing with them an ever expanding medley of new inspirations and insights.

▶ Resound and Rejoice 2: Hints of a Surging Rejuvenation is Blowing in the Spring Breeze; A Large Congregation of Brilliant Industry Minds Gathers for a Festive of Intellectually Stimulating Brainstorming

Devoted to the mission of uncovering new business opportunities and breaking out from industry bottlenecks, as well as fulfilling a most important role as bellwether of the electronics manufacturing industry, NEPCON China 2021 will invite a number of leading scholars and top-level industry players to host over a dozen summit seminars of well-defined subject matters, analysing and reviewing from unique perspectives the all-new emergent driving engines for the electronics manufacturing industry, building on the general consensus for innovative development, and helping the industry to surmount hurdles and progress ahead.

Particularly noteworthy is “NEPCON Summit – Meeting of Great Minds in Electronics Manufacturing ”. It facilitates direct interaction with industry leaders and key personnel in the mobile handset and telecommunication sectors as much as being an ideal medium for professional visitors to familiarise themselves with the latest thinking and future outlooks by industry players. NEPCON will be bringing several industry KOLs, senior executives, and technical leaders to make presentations in the forums and conduct exchange and interaction with the audience, allowing the show participants to expand their network of industry contacts in a face-to-face manner whilst getting fully conversant with the latest industry news and technological development trends. This must necessarily prove to be a most stimulating great feast for the mind with much to savour.

▲Forum seminar held during NEPCON: Sharing insights into the evolving trend of advanced technology in the electronics manufacturing industry.

▶ Resound and Rejoice 3: Spring is in the Air as Flowers are Blossoming; Major Annual Prizes to be Awarded for Technological Excellence in Electronics Manufacturing

In order to inject impetus into technological innovation, improving fabrication process and boosting service quality in the electronics manufacturing industry, NEPCON project groups have been proactively liaising with our colleagues in electronics industry associations, business alliances, or trade media for the electronics industry in all regions, with the view to presenting EMS Award & NEPCON Prize for Electronics Manufacturing at the upcoming show to honour and encourage leading firms and personnel who made outstanding contributions to the industry by constantly pioneering innovation or developing new technologies in the fields of R&D, fabrication processing, manufacturing, and service.

Innovation goes hand in hand with intelligence. In 2021, confronted with the burgeoning complexity of an evolving concept of intelligent manufacturing whilst setting out on uncharted course in a competitive environment, whoever has the audacity to touch base ahead of others will gain exposure, winning honour and capturing the market to become a real heroic figure under the limelight of the grand prize award ceremony in NEPCON China 2021.

▶ Resound and Rejoice 4: Melodic Harmony Reverberates under a Warming Spring Sun; The Concurrently Staged Shows Open up a New Vista for Electronics Manufacturing

Boosted by the knock-on effects of 5G technology and “new infrastructures”, IoT is entering an all-new phase in its development. It is intricately linked with electronics manufacturing in many important ways. In order to keep abreast with general industry trends, NEPCON CHINA 2021 has opted to concurrently stage the upcoming show with the 15th presentation of IOTE 2021 sponsored by the Shenzhen Internet of Things Industry Association (SZIOT). These two concurrently shows will boast a much bigger line-up of exhibitors and a larger number of visitors, bringing under one roof expanded coverage for the fastest developing fields including IOT perception layer - MEMS, RFID, smart card, sensors, barcode, biometrics, video recognition; network transport layer - NB-IoT, LoRa, 2G/3G/4G/5G, eSIM, ZigBee, Bluetooth, GPRS, WIFI, UWB, Z-wave; computation and platform layer - cloud computing, edge computing, cloud platform, big data & data security, artificial intelligence; as well as the application layer - real-time precision positioning, smart retail, unmanned retail, industry 4.0, intelligent logistics system (ILS), smart city, and smart home.

NEPCON China entered into partnership with IOTE, the preeminent IoT trade show, after signing a cooperation agreement and holding a joint media briefing in 30th October, 2020. This initiative serves the positive purpose of fully bringing both parties’ strong suits to bear to drive coordinated development between IoT and the electronics manufacturing industry.

▲The strategic alliance between the two major trade shows for IoT and electronics manufacturing will herald an all-new phase of upgrade and transformation for NEPCON.

▶ Resound and Rejoice 5: Beckoning of the Spring Season Can Only be Answered with Your Presence; Online Pre-Registration for Professional Visitors is Now Formally Open!

As a gala event for the electronics manufacturing industry to usher in the New Year, NEPCON China 2021 will be a jamboree of major global electronics manufacturing brands. It will also serve as rallying call for industry resurgence, and a showcase of future trends, as much as being an exceptional and vast platform for industry practitioners to broaden their horizons and conduct exchange and interaction.

Beckoning of the spring season can only be answered with your presence. In order to attract a greater number of visitors to the show, the organiser has created a webpage ( for online pre-registration of professional visitors. As host for this upcoming event, RX is cordially inviting all industry players of electronics manufacturing to gather together in April 2021 to jointly mark the dawn of a wonderful New World for electronics manufacturing, and witness a truly “class of its own” NEPCON China 2021!