Nov.6th-8th, 2024
Shenzhen World (Bao’an)

To add industry introduction, such as "Because of the refined and miniaturized development of electronic products, and the consistent high requirements for product reliability in rail transit, automotive, communications and other industries, the demand and requirements for product quality testing and control in the electronics manufacturing industry are also continuously increasing."

NEPCON ASIA sets up the “Test and Measurement Pavilion " which is a professional exhibition and conference platform that is dedicated to displaying electronic product testing technology, leading the development trend of testing and measuring industry, and disseminating the advanced factory management concepts and latest industry technical information. It has attracted a number of industry leaders such as Omron, Keysight, Teradyne, TRI to fully display the test, measurement, inspection and analysis achievements related to the design and manufacture of electronic products.



Scope of Exhibits

 Visual inspection & image processing

 Material test

 Electrical parameters measurement

 Non-electrical parameters measurement

 Function test

 Laboratory instruments & equipment

 Analysis and processing software & supporting equipment

 Automobile & automobile electronic test and measurement technology

 Testing and measuring technology for mobile phones and communication products

 Testing and measuring technology for printed circuit board

 Quality system certification and consulting service organization