October 11-13,2023
Shenzhen & Online

Semiconductor Packaging

Focusing on IC design companies and OSAT, combining existing resources, i.e. OEM/EMS of electronic manufacturing service providers, ODM, OBM of electronic brands, highly integrated industry through the concept of IC Packaging + PCBA, leading the development trend of advanced packaging industry; focusing on IC software, packaging test equipment, materials, automated production, and packaging test services;

The exhibition area will attract core buyers from 5G, IoT, wireless communication, automotive electronics, medical electronics, computer, military electronics, and other industries' packaging and testing businesses, semiconductor design companies, electronic product design solution companies, and electronic brand OBMs. 


√ Demonstration I: SiP and advanced packaging production demonstration line

√ Demonstration 2: Wafer-level fan-out packaging production demonstration line

Scope of exhibits:


● Wafer thinning

Inspection equipment laminator

Thinning machine

Thickness / Roughness Measuring Machine

Film Stripping Machine


● Laminating

Laminating Machine



● Lead Bonding

Wire bonding machine

Microwave/plasma cleaning machine


● Molding

Plasma cleaning machine

Injection Molding Machine

Laser Marking Machine


● Testing equipment




Automatic Test Equipment ATE

Wafer Sorter

Test Bench

Probe Station



● Ribbing/Forming

Wafer cutting/forming equipment


● Wafer cutting

Wafer Mounting Machine

Scribing machine

Cleaning equipment


Plating Equipment

Annealing furnace



Cover film / TAPE wheat grain

Adhesive film

Scribing solution

Metal wire

Lead frame


Epoxy resin


Special odors


Plastisol / Mold

Plating Fluids



Semiconductor Packaging Conference

Session 1: SiP and Advanced Packaging Session

Sub-forum II: Compound Semiconductor Packaging Sub-forum


1. Estimated size: 1,000+


2. Attendees

Package test houses

IC design

EMS factories exploring advanced packaging processes

3C, automotive electronics, medical electronics, IoT, communication system and other terminal companies

Semiconductor software, equipment and material companies


3. Categories of companies to be invited to the conference

√ 100 + South China packaging and testing factories

√ 30 + IC design companies in South China

Previous Live Forum Review

Past Speakers

Xu Wei

Vice Chairman of China Semiconductor Industry Association Shanghai IC Industry Association Secretary General

Teng Ran

General Manager, Integrated Circuit Industry Research Center, Xidi Research Institute

Zhao Chenglong

MEMS Process Specialist, Shanghai Weir Semiconductor Co.

Xie Hong

General Manager of SLI Technology Center, Tongfu Microelectronics Co.

Zhang Yifeng

Chief Executive Officer, Guangdong Liyang Chip Test Co.

Liu Hongjun

Vice President of Suzhou Jingfang Semiconductor Technology Co.

Chen Qinglong

Head of Division, SCTI(Shanghai) Testing Technology Co.

Zhong Lei

Director of Engineering R&D, Yongsil Electronics (Ningbo) Co.

Jianyou Xie

Partner, Semiconductor Industry, Hedao Asset Principal Analyst (former Chief Scientist of Tom Tom IP)

Ken Chiu

Vice President of Micro-Miniature System Module and Advanced Process Business Unit (Group), Trans-Solar Electronics Co.

Ma Qinggang

Sales Director of Hangzhou Changchuan Technology Co.

Cheng Gang

Sales Director, Henkel (China) Investment Co.

Yibo Liu

Associate Director of Marketing Strategy, Amcor Packaging & Testing (Shanghai) Co.

Song Yongqi

Deputy Director of Technology R&D Center, Nitto Smart Equipment Technology (Shenzhen) Co.

Yixiong Peng

Senior R&D Director, Ruijie Micro Technology (Group) Co.

Santosh Kumar

Principal Technical Analyst Yole Korea Principal Analyst Yole Korea

Farhang Yazdani

President and Chief Executive Officer BroadPak Corporatian

Wang Qidong

Senior Manager of R&D Department, WSP Pioneer Technology R&D Center Co.

Photos from previous sessions

The 2nd China IC & Micro Assembly Industry Breakthrough and Innovation Summit

China International Electronics Manufacturing Summit Sub-Forum II: Advanced Packaging Technology Forum

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